Make Believe Story: You arrive on scene and find a young boy who's father had been drinking too much while throwing darts. From the lack of visible metal from the dart

tip, you can assume the dart entered the skull over 1-inch deep. You arrive on scene... now what?

Update: I can't believe I was able to find the actual medical article and photos for this incident. For the purposes of this post, I invented the scenario but now that there have been a significant number of responses, here's the real story... 

The Real Story: A ten-year-old child was playing darts with his older brother. He went to retrieve his throw from the dartboard when an errant toss struck him above the right eye. A case report... (Full Story)

Here's the X-Rays:


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Can you think of a better place to be "inflammatory"?
I have to give credit to this kid. With most people, if something is stuck in your head, you wanna pull it out; especially at that age. I had a knife stuck in my head and that's the first thing I did. See if something was there, and if so, take it out. I was about his age when it happened too.
That explains quite a bit, Derek.
lol... I expected as much....good one.
It was a softball, had to take a swing.
I sort of noticed WestPhilly must have eaten Wheaties today!! :D
They don't call Wheaties the "breakfast of champions" for nothing.
True! Wonder who is on the box these days ...

This is a better clarification. I understand about a call to PD or something, for us PD would be dispatched automatically with the call. My point was to address what appeared to be a jump to conclusions when there are more than ample "what if's" in the situation to have the statement about putting a child back into the home.

In a way it is like the bystander who sees a parent give their kid a quick spank in public and screams child abuse, when the kid probably deserved it.
Occasionally, I do one right.

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