Just woundering out there what kind of pagers do you guys use out there? My company currently uses the Minitor II for firefighters but the upper ranking officers use the Minitor IV. Right now i have a Minitor III in the shop and its the only III in the station. So what do you guys use and have any suggestions on any good working pagers?

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John, you said it. "a good working pager" enough said!
We just recently went to recieving our pages through text messeging on our personnel cellsas we had alaphanumeric pagers. Since we are a small department it will save us a lot of money not having to pay for repairs and such. In the past I have used the Minitor III but had a lot of problems with it....half the time I was not recieving calls. It's nice to have since in some areas of our town we may not recieve radio signal but we can get pages and it helps if something is not wanting to be said over the radio.
Most of our Dept has Minitor V's, and we still have some of the II,III, and IV's. We are phasing out the pagers and purchasing portable radios with an alerting option. Its the Kenwood TK-2170. The pagers are getting so expensive and a portable with more functions is generally cheaper. They can be used to just listen, or you can add the transmit function if they are permitted to have it. The probies and rookies will be issued pagers as long as we have them available.
what squelch setting do you want for picking up weak settings 1 or 5?
its electroic so it fails there all junk:) well no not really but we use minitor 4 and 5 with playback witch is nice but it all depends who has it and how hard they are on them i had a minitor 4 for 5 years and never had any truble with it still have it but i like my new minitor 5 with the pback.. if you want them to last keep them warm and dry i always leave it hangin on the sun vizor of the truck and my portable goes on the inside of my gear. a external mic is alot cheeper than the radio but there is some on our dep that cant keep one workin maybe i just get the good ones i dont know there is one thing i like about the minitor 4 they only take tripple a bat rechargeable so bat replacement is cheap

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