WELL ITS ALL BUT OVER. Am i the only one worried about the outcome of the election just curious

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The sad thing as 75% of the people I have talked to believe that he won't last 4 years.... One went as far as to say that he plans on watching every Presidential speech, apperance, motorcade just to see it happen....As bad as that sound you can't help but think WHAT IF? As much as I don't support him I don't want him dead neither!
ANd there are the wacko's out there! NeoNazi's, KKK, Skinheads, people I work with (Joke)....(Just in case the secret service is watching!!!!!) That DO wish this....

God Bless, Keep Safe, Even the President Elect.....
It's hypocritical of Obama to run on an anti-Washington insider platform, then start hiring them for key positions two days after the election, don't you think?
That's a complete non sequitur...

Essentially you just said..."Of course he didn't really mean what he said when he said he was running on an anti-Washington insider campaign."

And you have no clue what I would be saying if he hadn't hired several of Bill Clinton's team members.
Most Canadians are happy to see the change. McCain seemed like a Bush MiniMe. I just hope they keep him safe. He seems intelligent, progressive and ready to make some important changes, popular or not, sometimes that's just what is needed!
You compare a physical characteristic (white hair) to a behavior (political policy, tax policy, and political administration personnel selection) and you think that I can't conclude that you threw out a logical fallacy?

Defend your non sequitur all you want, but it's still a non sequitur.

You also missed an obvious point on Obama's selection of Washington insiders. His name is B-i-d-e-n.
CNN reports this morning that the last two days market drop is one of the largest two-day drops in the past twenty years I'm sure that's just an accident and has nothing to do with our national elections.

Obama's proposed tax policy is designed to reward the people that contribute the least to the economy at the expense of those who contribute the most to it. When those same people drive the investment market, they don't want policies that reduce their profit margin with no corresponding benefit to them or their businesses.

Calling it speculation ignores the fact that lots of people have been pubically been questioning Obama's tax policies for the past several months. Those same people now think that their worst fears have come true.

There's an old saying that "You can't tax your way out of a recession. It's like standing in a bucket and trying to pick yourself up by the handle." (attributed to Winston Churchill) The market has been very unsettled lately. The way to overcome that problem is by restoring investor confidence in the economy. A major revision in tax policy with the potential to harm investor profits is counterproductive. You say that my interpretation is speculation. You couldn't have chosen a better word. The stock market is exactly that - speculation. That speculation isn't looking too good now, and the people that make investments are speculating that Obama's policies will drive the market down, not lift it up.
You are right Todd, I lve very close to Canada and we get a lot of them that can't wait that long and come down to use for their emergencies.
Fact is, stock market prices are subject to the laws of supply and demand, driven by investor sentiment. A publicly traded company's financial status and viability often have little to do with its stock price.

Each day a number of investment firms publish the results of the days' trading activities and the reason(s) behind index gains and losses. Here's one from this morning:

"For the second-straight session following the election of our Nation's
next President, stocks were down solidly as the Street continued to
fret about the health of the economy. A plethora of troubled corporate
outlooks, uncertainty as to how the incoming administration may
respond to try to stabilize the economy, and generally disappointing
retail sales all exacerbated sentiment."

From yesterday:

"Although the uncertainty regarding the Nation's next leadership group
has been cleared up, the weakening economy has been forced to center
stage. Sentiment was soured, exacerbated by the lowest reading on
record for a key measure of business activity in the service sector
and a greater-than-expected job loss from ADP. Stocks were sharply
lower after extending losses in late-day action as the Street
grappled with what measures President-elect Barack Obama will use to
combat the exacerbated economic environment to try to curb the

The current up-and-down market trend started weeks ago when the financial problems began to surface. Who knows, maybe it was really tied to the election of Sen. Obama, since CNN (among others) had been projecting that Obama was substantially ahead in electoral votes.

One other fact to consider: the Dow average is based on the price of 30 stocks - THIRTY - out of thousands of publicly traded stocks. The particular 30 have been going up and down like a yo-yo over the past several weeks; others have been skyrocketing. Which ones, when bought, the buy price - all driven by supply and demand, based on investor sentiment.
Canadian health care has it's pros and cons for sure. Privatized care (not for profit paid by the government) would be my favourite route, but that's a long time coming, for sure.
As of now, wait times can be crazy. My doctor is on the other side of the city, but it's worth the drive, it's not like I go to see him every day.
Tests, such as blood, urine, xray, ECG, etc, can be done instantly, ultrasounds can take a week to a couple of weeks, MRI's can take months depending on the issue (injured shoulder, 4 months, serious head injury right away) and your location.
Many people do end up across the border or into Quebec where you can pay for services.

The big upside, if you don't have private insurance, your kid still gets the cancer treatments, you still get your heart surgery, you still stay in the hospital (with 4 to 8 others without insurance, but you're there). The services are covered, some drugs are not, but that's what we have Trillium for. They step up and help cover the costs of cancer medications, etc.

I dont like that we have to wait months for surgery or treatment, but at the same time, I LOVE that I don't have to pay out of my pocket (directly) when I sprain my ankle AGAIN or need stitches, or I'm in a serious car accident.. no bill to follow unless I had to take an ambulance (small amount for emergeny run). I do, although, growl from time to time when I see that 30% (minimum) of my paycheque has gone to federal taxes, every paycheque.

Like I mentioned, private, not for profit would be great. Companies would compete for business, government would still pay and not have to shell out astronomical fees, patients would receive care faster. I'm sure there's down sides to this as well, but it couldn't be worse (I believe Austria has the best system).

Forgot to mention, as for seeing your own doctor. Some can get appointments within a couple of days (such as my doctor), yearly exams are booked about a month in advance. once I'm there, I'm in to see him within 30 minutes, max... at the hospital emerg on the other hand, because it's so heavily burdened with headaches, coughs, aches and pains, it can take 5 hours or more. thats usually more painful than why you are there! lol Hot days in the summer are the worst, homeless and those without air conditioning find a reason to be "sick" and sit in the air conditioned waiting room... one of the maor downfalls of "free care".
All I have to say to this is. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!
For this is the reason we are all here ALLOWED to discuss this. If it were not the country that it is today, we may not be on here allowed to talk in this manner. I too don't care for Mr Obama in his beliefs on running this country or whether he's lied in the past. I did vote for Mr Mcain with great hope that he would win, but now that he didn't it's time to move on.

After reading all these comments on the 12 pages I've come to realize one thing. We will never all agree on what's right, wrong, fact, fiction, correct, and any other comment I've left out. The one thing we can all agree on is we have the right to voice our opinion in this manner without repremand from any authority.

I too started thinking, what is this country going to become now that Mr Obama will be taking office. I've now calmed myself down to the point that I've decided that I'm going to do nothing! When I say this I mean at this time there is nothing I can do or want to do. As some of you have stated in this post it's time to come together and back our newly elected president whether you agree with him or not.

Something that we all can do and should do from here on out is, Watch, learn, and listen. It's our job in this society to do this, remember "WE THE PEOPLE". One person as in myself cannot make a difference but a large group of people such as the amount of people just on FF nation can start to make a difference. So I've decided to back my president and watch his acitions, learn as much as I can of his policies, and listen to what the media and others will be talking about. I will form my own opion, and act on it if I feel the need to.

My greatest fear as I think someone else put is for my children. I too have 2 children that I want to have the same or better opportunities to grow up in a free society, with the options to do more or less whatever they want. Until someone tells me they can't or won't allow them to do these things I will do as I said before.(that is when we all will have bigger problems)

Our society even this small fraction needs to realize, we are the people of this country and by supporting each other and backing our god given rights we can make a difference in our government. I'm starting to feel like a polotician, but since the start of this election I've realized this is my country and I need to be the type of citizen I should be. I hope all of you can think hard about your true feelings and do as you've done here. Voice your opinion thats our right, but remember the next person has that same right.
Let us all respect the wishes of Sen. McCain and President-elect Obama and become one United States of America. With this country heading into a full DEPRESSION, we can spend such petty time wondering if our grant program will cease. It might or it may not, but our, each one of us, will be and have been asked to pull together and put all of our differences aside and UNITE. We are Firefighters-EMT's-First Responders and we have been down before and still respond, and we will still respond. Don't show your ignorance by slamming our future before it has started. It is our past we must live with. Thank you.
Why are you worried in the last 8 years with the fool that we had you weren't worried... WOW.. Now what part are you afraid of..You have not seen what he can do for us.. Now in a year or two things get worse then come on and say wow I am worried.. Then I would jump behind you and say yea.. this guy stinks.. Let him out of the gate give him room to run and see what happens.. You might be a to see into the future and if you can ..Do I win the lottery??????

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