New to the site old to the fire service.I have been on the volunteer Fire Dept for more than 25yrs.We have a very low call rate.The dept not usually running no more than 30 total calls per year. 1/2 of those calls are medical assist since we are also first responders.The nearest hospital is 15 miles away. I am currently on my 2nd time around as chief. I have been an officer of some sort on the dept for at least 20 of my 25 yrs.I have 2 fresh assistant chiefs now. Neither have been an officer before. I am excited about that. They will bring fresh ideas to the department. Both of them easily won the election of officers. My only concern is the older guys may be reluctant to follow the new officers.Firehouse politics you got to love it. Ill try to contribute when I can,but Im a Fire Chief that may limit my knowledge.

This message is coming from warm and sunny ND

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I have 2 fresh assistant chiefs now. Neither have been an officer before.


I'm in the "old guy" category. I might be hesitant to follow a newly elected Assistant Chief who's never been an officer before. Why not have them work their way up the ladder instead of shoving them nearly to the top first time they are elected? Perhaps you have extenuating circumstances, such as a very small membership or nobody else wants the job...

Hope that goes well for you and your department. Stay safe.

This is the problem with filling positions via elections.

Both guys have been on the department for more than 4 yrs. The youngest one of them was on another department before he came to us.They have gone to all state and regional schools for extra training.These guys are not wet behind the ears. I am 53ys old the "new" 1st assistant I think is almost 40 and the 2nd is about 25.When I 1st became an officer I was 25. I got a lot of help and guidance from the chief and the "old" guys so will these guys. The FD can get stuck in a rut with the old guys not wanting to train because "they know it all" . The younger guys can get frustrated because either the old wont teach or the old wont accept the changes that need to be done in training or the way things are done. We have a small Dept. These guys spoke up and said they were ready for the job. I get silence from the "old" guys.If they wont stand up and lead someone has to.We work as a team very well. The experienced guys will advise and help on any call.These new officers know they have some learning to do and are ready for it. The firehouse politics and talk behind your back may be an issue,but there is nothing new about that. Everyone wants to be in charge until its election time and its time to put your money where your mouth is.

It's good they have experience in the fire service, but there's way more to being good chiefs that knowledge of strategy and tactics. If they are good leaders and are not arrogant your department will benefit from their service. Make it clear to all your firefighters this will be a "group effort." Everybody bears the responsibility for making the department successful, right down to the newest members. Best of luck!

And welcome to Firefighter Nation!

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