Should it be illegal in all 50 states?

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Oregon just changed our laws to talking on the phone and texting. All phones must be hands free as of January and texting is not allowed. However, if using a phone is part of your business or your emergency services you are allowed to use your phone. ?????????????????
Common sense says you shouldnt be talking on your phone being distracted. Think there was some lobbying that went on there. I installed a hands free unit the last week of Dec. No big deal. I see people texting all the time in their cars driving. CWAZZZYYYYY!
Yes, it will also be "YOUR RIGHT" the takes the dang thing out of their cold stiff fingers after they wreck and are dead. An hopefully no one else was hurt as a result of their stupidity.
In mass no laws just in Road Island no text
There are currently a couple of bill sin the SC Legislature to ban texting while driving.

The SC Dept of Transportation and SC Dept of Public Safety (Highway Patrol, Transport Police, etc.) just issued departmental policies banning the practice.
up here in my province they put a law in banning cell phone use while driving. fines start at $280 and four points on your licsense.
I do not know the whole story, but someone was just recently convicted of either 2nd degree murder or manslaughter for killing a pedestrian while texting. I'm not a big fan of more laws or having LE spending their time writing tickets for them. But when you hurt or kill someone, throw away the key.
Although many states are banning such activities and the fact that the feds are tying federal highway money to such bans the sad fact is it is to hard to enforce.If you go on youtube and search for the British PSA about texting while driving, THAT type of message should played in schools,businesses and on tv.Unfortunately,I heard that the U.S. TV censors didn't like it--it was a little too much I guess. If you go into the forum Rescue 360 extrication s&r and look for my comment posted on August 24, you can see the pics that I posted-- even though the pics are of one of those smart cars- the guy was still doing something other than paying attention to the road and paid a very heavy price.
I agree with other comments, this should be a common sense thing...texting while driving is obviously a dumb idea...yet come to think of it, hate to say it but common sense seems to be in short supply these days.
All the comments are Great and so many views on the subject. As far as the (stupid) I ment if your not smart enuf to pull over and text than I guess you have what is comming to you. The PD and FD should be setting the example. I could not imagin what would happin if the driver of a Rig was on the phone texting or calling and lost control. We usaly Role out with 2 or more in truck.
I am a transporter by day. I stand by and weight for packages most of the time a lot of time to text. So I know how to pull it over and text or make a call.
It is a common sense issue - but as we all know, common sense is hard to come by sometimes. I DO have a problem, however, with legislative bodies creating laws that infringe on our rights to live without having every aspect of our lives controlled by Big Brother. We already have more laws to dictate "what's good for you" than we need. What's next - a law making it illegal to rearrange your hair using the rearview mirror while driving? How about a law about singing in the shower - because it could be dangerous if you distract yourself and slip and fall?

We don't need to legislate common sense.
You forgot women putting on makeup or doing their nails, people reading books/newspapers/magazines, people trying to eat and smoke while driving... I've seen all of these at one time or another!

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