What up with there being very little firefighting based shows, movies, or video games. I feel as if everything is about THE POLICE. Dont get me wrong i have problem with the police, and there are are few things . BUT THEY NEED MORE. EITHER THAT OR A RAISE

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Mostly because people want to see guns shooting and all sorts of violence.

Think of it this way, the less fire fighting movies and shows there are, the more special the ones that are out become.
Like the classic backdraft :P.

And video games are the same way, most of that is all about what the designers think would be a real fun game
that LOTS of people would buy.

Its all about the money.
Everty cop wants to be a firefighter!
joe u have a point i never thought of it like that.
you have to pass a test to be a cop thats why your a firefighter
It does seem that way doesnt it.

Thats ok... when I was at the county fair just a week ago, I was at this booth where a guy would cut custom decals for your car, truck, or whatever you wanted. He also had 5 or 6 huge banners with images he had already made up. One of the banners was all about ff stuff. I thought it was pretty cool. Well anyway as I'm standing there looking a lady next to me says to the vendor "you guys have so much ff crap, why dont you have any police decals?" I happened to be wearing a shirt that said FIRE RESCUE very clearly on the back lol and the vendor just kinda looked at me and smiled. I turned to the unpleasent women and said "maam, its because nobody likes cops." I left it at that and walked away. lol I heard the vendor laughing halfway down the midway.
sometimes it's good to be in the background;)
Randy Mantooth has tried to sell a TV show about USAR of LA County but it never got picked up.
I thought that Ladder 49 could have been made into a TV show with a new cast and give Baltimore another TV show for the MD.
Well Trauma will be coming to NBC this Sept so we will see a little fire operations in that.
I guess we need someone to write a good TV series about maybe a small town and the members of its fire and rescue service.
I think the people want the background stories of it members and then they get called out.

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