What is the range of the motorola minitor V pagers, How many miles can you leave your jurisdiction before you lose signal and can't pick up fire calls? Does it matter if it's on VHF or UHF Band?

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Unless the paging encoder and transmitter are on a repeater system, the pagers are simply line of sight. Also known as simplex in radio terms. Terrain and many other factors can effect the range of a pager. If your area is hilly, mountainous, or mineral rich, the distance will be reduced as compared to flat bald head prairie land. Keep in mind that tones will travel further than voice transmissions. Therefore, if you suddenly hear your tones, but can't make out the voice message due to distance, the chances are good that it was a legit page and you could / should /would respond accordingly.
Well Iam joining a department in PA, but when I go to my dads in NJ, I wanna know if id be able to pick it up, Its about a 15-20 mile difference!

anybody else know.

mine works when it wants to, i rely on my radio for the most part except for when im asleep or working.

dont know what band its on, and it does weird stuff

Need much more detail. Range is dependent on (among other things):


1. The power radiated at the transmitter

2. The frequency

3. The terrain and vegetation between the transmitter and receiver (the pager)

Minitor can be programmed to operate in the VHF or UHF range, which means with the exception of some occasional atmospheric strangeness, they are line of sight.   This can be determined once you know the height of the antenna:


range in miles = square root of (1.5 * antenna height in feet)

I have had mine opperate from 40miles as a crow flies.  It really depends how far away from the repeater, the power output, the frequency, etc...

I bought a minitor V off of ebay brand new and i bought it in UHf and didnt know i need VHf if there a way that i can make it work on VHF ? If if someone has a minitor V VHF and want to trade I would love that . Email me at melekec@yahoo.com with your answers please

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