I seen this on another post but i thought id ask the question here
What makes a good medic ?
here is what i belive makes a good medic

What Makes a Good Medic

1. A good/great medic must have compassion for his or her patients and the familys of those patients
2. Must be unshakeable when on a call they keep there cool in those bad times when patients crash
3. Keep up on there skills and learn and keep on learning
4. Know they are not GOD
5. Willing to teach others
6. Explain there actions while on a call when conciveable
7. Treat there patients as they would like to be treated
8. They know others see them as hero's but see it as doing there job its what we do

These are some of the things that I can think of off the top of my head. I know a great medic in my area and I would like to take this oppurtonity to thank all in the Fire EMS Police and Military feilds. Without what we do I belive our country would not be what it is today.

15:13,14 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

We do this day in and day out not for the glory but for the love of man and our community and country

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good point here observe people you miss something and it might make the differentce
I think Confidence in his or he abilities and skills ranks up there. Also must be compassonate and have empathy.
Playing well with others and knowing when something is not going well and addapting also makes for a good medic.
A good medic will ask all the same questions as the EMT's did seconds earlier because he isn't listening.
A good medic shows the patient the way while walking to the bus.
A good medic tells 400 lb patient, cots are for people dying, so lets get those shoes on and start walking.
A good medic will sit around the table with a bunch of fireman and say, damn haven't had a good code lately?
A good medic will sit around the kitchen table whuile reading a JEMS magazine about protocols we will never have, while the engine and truck guys are out doing chores and maintenance...

Oh sorry, I forgot the meaning of this thread...
Sounds like you are bitter about someone in particular.
Not one in particular, I have worked my share of great medics....but lousy firefighters over the years. I could go on and on.....

Here is another... How about answering your cellphone while actually "working" a cardiac arrest???
The answer I got during this medic post incident review, pending discipline was also amazing...

"Is the patient really gonna mind, hello they are dead."

I am sorry that you have had the bad misfortune of working with people who take the system for granted and that they also abuse the station of medic.
abuse the station of medic???
would the word rank be a better way to say this.

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