check out my Females in the Fire service Group. I am not man bashing at all. I am just stating that i believe women that can do the job deserve equality!!! I do understand that there are women out there that cant...'cuz I have them on my department TOO, however those are the ones that give chics like me who love to get dirty and get hot ( in a fire the that is) a bad name. Tell me your thoughts.

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I wish I could say where you are coming from. I became a firefighter when I was 16 and I was NEVER treated different. All of my guys took me under their wings and treated and pushed me just like everyone else. I know my limits and I was never afraid to admit to them because to me trying to do something I knew I was not capable of doing would only get someone hurt. Maybe that is why I never had a problem I do not know. Granted I have been on a department where I was gulity of treating other female firefighters different but that was because all they would do is whine and when I have to kick them out of a rig to back me up at a fire because they just had their nails done they shouldn't be doing this job. Male or female plan and simple if you can't do the job you shouldn't be doing it.
Physiologically speaking, you are correct. But, you can't also be saying that a woman who keeps herself in shape, and works very hard to be strong cannot be stronger or fitter than ANY man? Then I have to say that YOU are crazy. I can't imagine why this would ever have to explained or proven to you, it just makes sense. There are many firefighters on the job who are bigger and stronger than I, but there are also some who are not as strong and couldn't keep up with me if you paid them to (or paid them more... lol).. and I'm not talking about the older, ready to retire, haven't stayed in shape guys. I'm talking about the same age, or younger. I'm not blowing my own horn, I don't stay fit and strong to be "fitter and stronger" than anyone, I do it to be good at my job and have a long and healthy career. I wish more men on my large, paid department felt the same way.

As for you being stronger than most women... perhaps... I don't know you, you had better be after those comments and you had better retire from this career with substantial muscle mass and no barrel. But for the love of God, don't assume that all women are weak/weaker than ALL men, that's not only crazy, it's ignorant. - Even stronger than the "nice story"!
lol... with pleasure!
You are too funny Dust!
I have been in fire/ems for the past 20+ yrs... And I have found one thing to be true... There are always going to be two sides to this coin... Though I myself have not encountered a problem with the guys I work with... I did have to "prove" myself at first but It certainly wasn't anything that other rookies didn't have to go through... What is the big deal with being one of the guys anyway... Just be yourself!!!

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