My name is Jacob Pirmann; I am a current firefighter for Silvis, IL. I am starting a non-for -profit project through In God's Service, Inc. I need the help of all the emergency services to agree to become members of this project. The project is called Emergency Service Rescue Project. This is a project that will be beneficial to everyone involved. Emergency Service Rescue Project will show people the true humanity and compassion of men and woman in our emergency services, while improving fire departments, burn units, and people with lack of insurance across the country through this project.

Benefits to the department involved...
Drawing every other month for the members (departments). $25,000 / equipment and support to your local burn unit. You will be awarded with a certificate of membership and recognition of the help given in all events for each year. Making it possible for this project to continue to provide financial rescue in rare cases of injury and/or property damage to those with a lack of insurance.

We all know that emergency services are the first to arrive and provide physical rescue to those in need. The Emergency Service Rescue Project provide away that we are also the last to provide financial rescue as we will be partnered with different equipment companies for departments and construction companies for property damage. Also we will be involved with the financial support for those in critical need of help for injury.  Emergency Service Rescue Project will mainly be used for improvement of emergency services, along with the financial contribution to burn units from the individual departments that are drawn each month. Once more sponsors become a part of this project we will expand to the assistance in helping rare cases of no insurance.

Once we reach a minimum of 2,000 departments to say yes we will proceed with this project that will only cost an annual fee of $30 a year (not a month, a year.)

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I can understand the sentiment proposed, but leary in the application. You are essentially asking for a dept buy in for this program on a monetarily basis, when there are other such programs already out there. Red Cross has been a significant resource in helping those who experienced personal loss. There are burn foundations already established. When it comes to rebuilding, there are already numerous private companies providing such services.


What makes this stand above and beyond those service already in place?

I'm doubly leery: For starters the spelling and grammar is atrocious which suggests that the person involved most likely doesn't have the background, experience and ability to properly run a NPO.

Secondly and as John pointed out, there are already a number of organizations, well established and known that do the same things.

Frankly most of the post makes little or no sense.  For example, this:

"The Emergency Service Rescue Project provide away that we are also the last to provide financial rescue as we will be partnered with different equipment companies for departments and construction companies for property damage."

As I 'understand' this, this project will be the "...last to provide financial rescue..." Really, the last?  So then if your 'financial rescue' isn't needed, you what, keep the money?

I did the math, 2000 departments @ $30 each annually is $60,000. Hardly enough to provide anything other than 'administrative' services.  Or as I like to think of it, easy income.

May be good intention but surely smells fishy.

Well first the their are no such organizations out there. You tell nme one that improves departments and burn units? also the 2,000 departments is to start the project. When we reach that number their already sponsor ready!!!


You tell nme one that improves departments and burn units?


IAFF Burn Foundation



There are several such organizations out there and established for the services you are describing.

I understand IAFF but i dont know any that are improving our departments. The way get money for our improvements are grants and through our city that is has no money because they spend it stupidly. Look at it this way, If any thing it is like a $30 dollar lottery ticket for a chance to times your money by 833.3333... also better then any other lottery odds. At the same time you are helping departments, burn units, and rare cases of no insurance. Its a win, win, win. It doesnt come out of any individual and doesnt cost that much to make a difference. Red Cross helps people in temp. situations. Believe me or not but this is doing what these other organizations are not. You will be able top fallow where everything is spent and there are not over head costs because people are doing this to help others not line their pocket!!!


A quick google search found:

1) Grants for fire departments

2) Financial assistance for burn patients

I seriously have a very hard time understanding what you are trying to say.  That alone is enough of a red flag to label you as 'suspect.' 

In order to become a non-profit organization (NPO) you have to file state and federal forms. You provide no link to any website, no indication that you are a tax exempt organization or anything else other than claiming to be a non-profit.

Per your "goal" of 2000 departments 'joining' for $30 each per year, again that is only $60,000.  How are you going to pay out the $25,000 drawing, every other month?  That is $150,000 per year. That's 2 1/2 times the amount you're hoping to 'start' with.  So right there you're set to fail and are offering something you won't be able to follow through on.

I strongly doubt you have the expertise to decide what equipment and support would be needed by a burn unit, so how would make those decisions?  Moreover, how are you going to decide which burn unit to support?

This just sounds like either a well intentioned but poorly thought out and doomed-to-fail endeavor or, it's a scam.

Agreed...and I will not participate either until the project is well underway and proven to work.


Good luck. Get help with your solicitations since your writing skills are lacking. Try going to some big sponsors like corporations. It will be tough in this economy, though.

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