Been taking pratice test online for my EMT-B license and my average overall is between 78-88%.  Any more advice from the FFN family? Feel free to leave a comment on my page, BE BLESSED!

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Stay calm. Remember your ABC's and basics, and study, study, STUDY!
AGREE-(pray)-don't overstudy--"SS-BSI-ABC", good luck
Positive...think positive. If you are taking the NREMT pay absolutely no attention to the clock. YOU CAN DO THIS! Best wishes to you Mr. Smith.
relax, deep breaths, read the question, read the answers, look for distracters like NOT, ALWAYS, multiple choice you can throw 2 questions out very easily, read them carefully, relax, slow down choose the best answer.
Oh and good luck
Hey Jason, Remember, folks who write the test questions are not necessarily rocket scientists. I took the classes, I know... When you study for a subject, you have to always have in the back of your mind the question, if you had to come up with test questions, which ones would you come up with... May sound silly but it's not. Teaching lesson plans and how folks learn is based on an instructor telling them what they are going to tell them, tell them, and then... tell the what you told them. This means that instructors will typically repeat things needed for an exam x3. If you keep up, and are visually familiar with the "right answers", based on things you have already identified, grouped together and hopefully re-wrote onto flash cards. Easy A brother... Just be consistent and apply yourself. You can't go wrong.

I passed my registry for EMT-B a few weeks ago, it is a challenging test for sure, but the end result is well worth the effort, Jason. As others have said, go in relaxed & with a clear head, and remember your basics (BSI, Scene Safe, ABC's, SAMPLE-OPRQST history's, Oxygen, etc) they are what your assessments, treatments, and everything else builds on. Don't read to much into the questions, do the best you can with what you are given.

National Registry has a large bank of test questions, and everyone's test is different, but when I took registry I had a lot of questions about burns (treatment, dressings to use, and calculating burn area w/ rule of 9s), CPR and AED usage (specifically the messages an AED may present, ie "No shock advised), and OB/Pediatrics. Whatever questions you are faced with, after you take the exam I have always found it beneficial to write down what exactly you were tested on, you can reference your textbook(s) and see where your strength's and weaknesses are.

Best of luck, Jason!
I chanllenged the test almost two years ago and noticed that the format changed a little from the old tests I took when I first took registery. Remember that alot of the questions may ask for a specific answer to a given situation, but they are really asking you what you know about the basics. Take the someone found floating in a pool. They may ask you what airway adjunct you would use, but they may be trying to find out if you know to take control of the c-spine and spinal immobilization procedures. They are not trying to trick you, but to see if you know the basics. When you read the questions, READ them, play in your mind what you have been trained to do, and then match your answer to the given set of answers. By the way, I'm currently in medic school, and I feel your pain. Good luck, you can do this.
As everyone has stated you need to study and relax...But if you are having problems finding what to study, I found a few books that helped at Barns and Noble. They are in the "nursing" section and they have a sub-section dedicated to emt's and paramedics. There is one book that I purchased and it guaranteed you to pass or they would refund you the price of your test. The book worked great for me. but just don't forget the basics when you are getting wrapped up the the context of the situation!
More often than not, unless you're a bad test taker, the practical skills portion is usually harder than the test. Good luck and if you've gotten 88%'s on practice tests, you should be fine. =)

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