I HATE the hero label.


I've never hidden that in these forums. It's wrong. It's misleading.



And then my worst nightmare came true this week.....


My own agency started a new campaign for the public to show their support and some misinformed public servant came up with this gem:




The reaction from the members has been strong.


The reactions from the staff members has been strong.


We'll see how long this campaign goes for before they pull it. My gut feel is that it's here to stay- unfortunately. :-(

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I wouldn't sweat it. (By the way, in Philadelphia, prisoners wear orange.)
Well I know some Heros that wear orange uniforms. A lot of fire and rescue services do overseas.
Japans rescue crews wear orange and they are considered the elite of the fire servcie.
I used to tell the boys: "Don't worry about being a hero. A hero is a funny looking sandwich. You're here to do a job."

On an unrelated note: SES? Really? I love these guys, but they don't do a lot of rescue or dangerous work in NSW.
I smile and say "thanks," while blushing, when someone uses that word, but I will not wear a t-shirt with that word on it. That's reserved for very few, mostly members of the military who give their all.
I agree with this , we do the job that we choose to do , no one makes us do it , the heros are the members of the public that do it with out thinking or training or protective gear not the professionals and volunteers that are trained to do it and have all of the gear .
I am with you Lutan, just doing our job. One that we love doing, and get paid well for.
On an unrelated note: SES? Really? I love these guys, but they don't do a lot of rescue or dangerous work in NSW.
Don't put 'em all into the same bag Vic. Although I'm from Victoria, my old Unit was pulling 800-1000+ calls per year, including 200+ road crash rescues. We were as busy, if not busier than some of the career CFA stations....
I think this world needs more heros...
I think more people should stand up and say I want to be a leader... I want to be a hero...
I think this world needs more good people to look up to... since there are so many to frown upon...

The comic book and video game culture pushes kids today towards a hero mentality. They want to fight the good fight and feel like they have won something and accomplished something that they can feel good about. They like to feel like they personally can be heros and can grow up to become heros.

But one of the things about heros is that they don't personally brag about their hero status... it tends to be more of a secret status of accomplishment... but never to be lost as a position of pride for their personal hard work... and they never diminish the hope that it gives others to look up to them as heros... and to call them hero... and to have faith and pride in others...

Knowing we have heros in our society - helps us deal with all the villians !!!
Knowing there are heros in our society - helps us believe that we personally can become heros instead of villians!

We need hero dads
We need hero moms
We need hero teachers
We need hero leaders in every walk of life
We need heros our kids can look up to
We need heros !!!
In NSW, the do mostly storm and flood damage. They are really good at coordinating regional disaster response (usually using RFS for manpower) and provide a valuable service for the community. Like I said, I have respect for what they do, but (at least here in Sydney) they aren't really an emergency service. I've never understood why the have not been rolled into the RFS or the Fire Brigade.
haha thats true in this area prisoners do wear orange jump suits...
as far as the advertising I think it an interesting topic, I never really thought that could be a problematic situation but I do understand the concern
I agree Lutan. I was at the dentist a few weeks and she was thanking me for being a firefighter and just kept going on and on about how dangerous my job was etc.... I looked at her and told her, your job was more dangerous than mine was today! And really it was...
I'm hearing ya'! The thing that really gets to me about this campaign, is that it has come from our own HQ- how misinformed and out of touch are they for crying loud??!!

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