Ok so i would like to hear some stories about some of the dumb things you have seen done around a hydrant that blocked access to it. The worst for me so far happened in February 2008. The call came in somewhere around 0300 hours for a structure fire at a local hotel. When I left the house to go to the station I found 3-4 inches of snow on top of a layer of ice. Perfect weather! And it was still snowing. The closest hydrant was in an area where the owners had decided to do some lanscaping and brought the dirt all the way up to the middle of the steamer cap. Then snow and ice on top. Made it real fun to dig out all the while being yelled at over the radio for water! So thats my horror story whats yours?

P.S.- Everyone has seen the picture of the BMW with the hose through it...Has anyone ever had to do that personally?

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We only have about 12 to 14 hydrants in our area and half of them arent worth a s**t because you dont get very good pressure from them. But every once in a while when we get a bad fire were lucky that we hit the good hydrants, and that payed off at a bad structure we had last night.
HA!!!!! Gotta love the ones who blame us for their stupidity. Its always nice whenever they get to feel the financial pain for being idiots.

Gotta hand it to the neighbor for trying to help you out. Most neighbors around here just stand around and get in the way.

We have a problem with finding good hydrants. We have plenty of them but you never know if they are gonna work or not. The water dogs never seem to do any maintenance on them. There is one out by the sewage treatment plant that they have to go and turn on a valve in order for it to work. If we get called to that area we automatically call for them to get us water.

Is there any signage to indicate where they are? I have seen some flags that bolt onto them so you can find them in deep snow.

i haven't seen it before but i have always wanted to do that to the stupied people that think. oh there won't be a fire i will just park in front of the plug. my old department we had a firefighter use the truck to push it out of the way. the police were there and said do what you have to do. trhe home owner came home and asked by ihs car was damaged the officer said you were in the way of a fire plug. some we moved it for you. plus the officer gave her a ticket. that part of backdraft was one of my favorite parts to the movie.
Granted that blocking a hydrant is just plain wrong to do but here's one thats got to beat hydrant access...
Wow what a funny picture. I would have loved to have seen the look on the face of the guy who owned that car!

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