Earlier this year Australia released the findings of a very interesting study that I've attached to this post. The report is enlightening and relevant because it illuminates how/why humor works for us.

The work can be horrific, extreme and exhausting.
Adapting to chronic/harsh situations depends on shared bonds of peer support;
humor has become our common personal (and group) coping mechanism and stress reliever,
creating a sense of belonging, a unique identity and
a private means of communication to reframe realities.

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Humor is and has been an important method for us for coping mechanism for years...the only caution is to use it in the proper time and place....NEVER, EVER use it near the public or near families/friends of those involved....I used to work in a Regional burn ICU and we would often refer to new burn cases coming in as a "regular" or an "extra crispy"...Sounds morbid I know...but imagine working there with all the pain, smells and stress for 12 hours a day...if you didn't find something that works for you ...you would be nuts in a month....Stay safe and always remember to keep the faith........Paul
Humor is very important... especially in this line of work. You just need to know the place and time to commit to this humor, though.

To outsiders this grotesque display of humor is... well, "unacceptable" and "unprofessional". However, it's a coping mechanism for us emergency response personnel. Laughing and humor is a proven method of alleviating stress. And this alleviation is necessary for many of us to carry on doing our jobs as emergency response personnel.
great point Paul - you might want to put this tidbit on the discussion part of my blog for the benefit of others
thanks for the insight it is very helpful
thanks for the tip Andrew, you might want to share this on the discussion part of my blog for the benefit of others - this is very helpful reminder
Here is the problem...number one, you came on here with your partner to push a product moreso than add to discussions.
Number two... is you have just asked both members here to post to your blog...Why? The same people that have commented on your blog also comment in here.
Number three... those same people who commented on your blog before now have their posts "conviently" missing. Most likely by you.
Number four...In one such post you stated you could handle yourself and the "heat" brought on by DT and KDG, yet there posts are missing. Why would that be? hmmm

The problem is you both have already established yourselves as fake, making it hard to seriously respond to a discussion. Also, why even have a discussion when you will just eliminate the posts that don't fit into your little world? So if there is disagreements, those posts are gone....hmmm is that how you do business? People who may have an issue with your product or a differing opinion are conviently silenced??

Thing is I do agree with humor in the fire service and believe it is an essential trait for anyone to have on the job. I did agree, to a point, on Stephanies blog and even made a post on it, with a differing opinion, yet now that blog is gone. So please tell me here Raff, how is any member on here supposed to trust you? How are people to take you or your partner serious? You both have really destroyed much credibility you may have had and good intentions you thought, just by your antics on here alone.
Glad you agree with the humor piece - the recent findings and stories in the Australian Gov study that is attached to the blog in a link can be very informative for those who want to learn more. Check it out.

I'm just trying to stay above the drama. I'm no longer entertaining the "witch hunt" dialogue started by one dude. Posts that are directed towards me vs the valuable content I'm sharing are not benefiting anyone.

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