How many times have you faced certain death only to have God say nope not today?

A house fire from long ago stays on my mind regularly for some reason. Is it God just reminding me of what he did for me or what? My Lieutenant and I were working a complete loss structure fire one night. Had to return a put out a few hot spots. While on the hose line something at that very moment told me to look up and the brick chimney was slowly falling toward us! I pushed the Lieutenant out of the way just as tons of bricks fell right there where we were standing! Freaked us out a little said our thanks to Jesus and went back to work. Is it normal to keep these things on your mind from time to time for the rest of your life? Just wondering. Have had many other times similar over the years and often wonder why God leaves some of us over and over but takes others! Just wondering others thoughts on the subject thats all!

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That's why it's called religious "faith", Jack.

Your lack of belief doesn't mean that God does not exist, either.
Religion, superstition; the only real difference is one of organization.

And your fervent belief doesn't mean that he does exist.
Actually, that's not true. There is a tremendous amount of history to back the Jewish and Christian religions. Archeology and historical data finds such as the Dead Sea scrolls have provided accurate secondary sources for history as described in the Torah and the Bible.

Inductive reasoning tells us that if the history described in the Torah and the Bible are accurate, that the religious connotations are also accurate.

On the other hand, you don't have anything to indicate that God doesn't exist except for your own wishful thinking.
Hi Ben,

I agree. That's why I don't get uptight when fundamentalists (usually Baptists) or Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons knock on my door. I write for a paper that is put out by one of our local Baptist churches and I'm friends with a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses who drop off their pamphlets regularly. And in the end, I think they'd all admit that your answer to Jack/dt is the only one any of them can offer.
Arguing that god exists simply because some historical facts agree with some biblical stories is an incorrect extrapolation. Moreover that locations and events may be proved by historical evidence only suggests that the bible itself is nothing more than a compilation of (some factual) stories, fables and myths (based on actual event or locations) written and collected by man. There is no evidence whatsoever of a god simply because a geographic location can be pinpointed.

Evidence to prove something doesn't exists is a bit of an absurdity. Following your 'logic', until someone could produce evidence that the abominable snowman does NOT exist it must be presumed to exist, and while a dead yeti would be ample proof of its existence, what would be required to satisfied anyone that it doesn't exist?

No, the burden of proof of the existence of god is on the believer. If you don't feel you need to find or present that proof, fine and good but to bolster your argument by suggesting that the burden of disproof falls to the disbeliever is nothing more than asking someone else to provide your proof.
Jack, as usual you go straight to the straw men logical fallacies, then act as if that bolsters your position when it clearly does not.

"If you don't feel you need to find or present that proof, fine and good but to bolster your argument by suggesting that the burden of disproof falls to the disbeliever is nothing more than asking someone else to provide your proof." I've never said that the burden of proof is on you. I just said "Your lack of belief doesn't mean that God does not exist, either." I know you can't prove a negative, but you haven't offered any evidence to bolster your own belief, as I've previously stated.

I specifically asked for evidence, not proof, because I know that you can't prove a negative. You haven't offered any evidence except that terrible things have happened, sometimes by people who did it in the name of their religion. That just means that religious people sometimes do terrible things. It is not evidence that God does not exist.

The level of historical evidence for the existance of God may not rise to the level of proof you personally want, but there is plenty of historical evidence to suggest that He does indeed exist.

The inductive reasoning that you so blithely ignored shows evidence that the places mentioned did indeed exist, but not just geographically. There is evidence that the historical descriptions of not only the Bible but in other ancient documents corroborate things that happened, not just the geographical locations. When the places and the events are so well corroborated, and both of them mention both the places and events in conjunction with not only the existance of God but with the events that corroborate to things the historical documents say He directed, then that's as close as it's going to get.

My previous comment about it being called religious "faith" stand.
When you can't prove something one way or the other, then it comes down to having faith one way or the other.

I'll take faith plus evidence over faith plus nothing to back it every time.
Mine was not fire/EMS related but had a savere mva in 07 that claimed the life of my wife at that time. We were heading up the highway, and then all I remember is looking up in the ER room and someone telling me my wife had passed away in the accident. I do remember going in and out of consciousness in the ER. They said I had 3 Broken ribs bruised lung an a concussion, plus some stitches on my head. Upon going to the wrecking yard to retrive things from the car, I finally saw how extreme the wreck was, the passenger side was caved in about a foot or two into the passenger compartment hence the fatality. Both front seats were twisted into each other, and if I remember right there was a fair amonut of dried blood all over the seats as well. The only thing I wiash I would have done was to take pictures of the car, but of course at that time I was to distraught to even think straight. My only thought of why I survived was that God needed me here on earth to help others through the fire service and to take care of my little girl, but In reality I really don't know why I survived.

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