How many times have you faced certain death only to have God say nope not today?

A house fire from long ago stays on my mind regularly for some reason. Is it God just reminding me of what he did for me or what? My Lieutenant and I were working a complete loss structure fire one night. Had to return a put out a few hot spots. While on the hose line something at that very moment told me to look up and the brick chimney was slowly falling toward us! I pushed the Lieutenant out of the way just as tons of bricks fell right there where we were standing! Freaked us out a little said our thanks to Jesus and went back to work. Is it normal to keep these things on your mind from time to time for the rest of your life? Just wondering. Have had many other times similar over the years and often wonder why God leaves some of us over and over but takes others! Just wondering others thoughts on the subject thats all!

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Wow Chief how did you keep from killing him later? Totally great your still here to share that with us! Maybe some good will come out of this forum if nothing else some may learn to do what your told!
Jack, I trust God each day to continue to enjoy the responsibility He's given me. I thank Him for the breath I breath first thing when I wake up to the last I take some day. I have seen so many close calls over my 30+ years and experianced many myself. He holds the day and time when I will pass on to be with Him. Untill then I will simply trust Him each and every moment and response to take care of me and all those he's intrusted in me to provide for. Reminders are good to help us keep things in perspective.
This is fresh in my mind, because it only happened 3 days ago. Working house fire, first in, got the job done quickly and safely, and all was well. We started overhaul, and as I was pulling ceiling, all I saw was it start to fall. Longest half second of my life. To me it looked like the whole ceiling coming down, and I said my prayer and waited for it to happen. Thankfully, it was only a single sheet of drywall, and though it wasn't light by any means, I got out of the situation un-harmed. Though it wasn't going to kill me, For a split second I thought it was over. I will never forget that experience for the rest of my career, and thankfully the good Lord didn't call my number that day.
Thanks Chief Sharp! Who knows what good he will work at any time! I
Have been in several dicey situations where I might have gotten killed. I'm pretty sure I was just lucky that I didn't.
More times than I like to admit.....
Same here. How'd we get so old? To borrow an old line: "There are bold firefighters and there are old firefighters, but there are very few old bold firefighters."
Had a hosue fire once and was told to get into the basement through the window. I got in and tried to go forward and and there was a wall. Turned left and right and met a wall each way. Wasn't boxes or stuff but solid concrete walls. I was wondering who would build a basement and put a window there like that.

We went back around to tell the chief and the floor had collapsed into the basement were we would have been. The resident told me later the basement is open and doesn't have walls.

To this day I tell people God put up those walls to keep us from being in the basement when the floor collapsed.
that's messed up man. Would love to have been your back-up that day.
I have been close to getting killed several/many times. God had nothing to do with the outcome. I am curious, which "god" is it that saved you. God, Allah, the noodley one, the catholic god, the Jewish god, the Viking God, Buddha, Jimmy Jones? Why did he not save the 100 guys that die every year? I guess he was busy then or in the bathroom and could not see. What was he doing on September 11, 2001. Lots of saving could have been done that day, but the only ones saving anyone were cops, firefighters and citizens. God was a no show. It just makes me wonder.
I hope what I feel will not offend anyone, but I just don't believe in god. I have never found the world to be fair or just. But I won't ever say you are wrong for believing, I kind of envoy anyone who has been able to find faith! So saying that, I don't know how many close calls I've had in my career. My very first working fire, the ceiling came down around my partner, the back up man on the nozzle and myself, but got the nozzleman and drove him to the floor and broke his collar bone! Why one guy out of four, standing side by side? I took it as a learning experience and called it lucky!
He kept pushing me to go forward and I'm yelling I can't. Luckily he knows I'm not (wasn't) afraid to go in so it wasn't a bigh issue but we looked at each like..DAMN thats crazy kind of look.

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