The first call I answered in NY was a false alarm. My first call here in SC, I will never forget.
It was a structure fire where we lost a mother, and three children. It was a very difficult time
for the entire fire department. This is not the way anyone should have to answer their first alarm, but it happens. I can only prey that I don't have to come accross another alarm such as that.

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My first call out of the fire academy was an overturned vehicle on a major highway 2 am and 3 of the 4 were near to decapitated i thought i was walking up to the car and stepping in transfluid but it was streaks of blood no idea till the flood lights lite up the road ..the passengers were all teens coming from a prom party not the prom..I had to stop ask myslef if this is what i really was looking to do..after all there was no helping at that point. I buried that one in the try to forgwt it fles but creeps out now and then when i see how civilians drive lately
My first house fire involved a house hit by lightning. I was the only one in the station, I hit the house siren, activated the pagers, then calmly as possible got dressed. By the time I got finished two other volunteers showed up and we were on the road, in a downpour. My glasses fogged up, but I managed to layout properly, scott up and in I went. Not much to it but boy it took forever for me to relax afterwords.
First call !! Yes Sir! December 1991. About two weeks into being in the dept., we were hanging around the station after a meeting and the tones dropped. I was like a new puppy, can I go. . .can I go?!! One of the older guys ( Jim ) said "let the new kid go" ( thanks Jim ! ). We jumped into the Squad and off we went. A call for a 40 something year old male - difficulty breathing. We get there with EMS right behind us and find this guy in his bed complaining of chest pain/DOB. He also said we really didn't need to bother. Well, when we noticed the funky music and looked over at the tv we knew why! He got a little excited by the "Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow" porno he was pleasuring himself over! Now I can say that the girl on the tv is the one that probably had *ahem* "chest pains"-they were, ah, lets say, overly inflated! Yeah, I remember my first call !

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