How long have you ever seen a Probation Period for your dept ? Or what was yours ?

I was needin to know cause my boyfriend went from his dept. to somewhere else cause we move in together in another county , He got into a dept that well have a Probation Period Of a Year .
Now my boyfriend just about has every training that they have out there have his cdl's and is more trained there the caption in that dept. and they know this a still he can not drive the truck for a year or anything can not run med. calls with by the way once again he is licensed to do so .
He has been in the fire dept 16 years and well trained , and understand the 90 days that i think most dept. have but a year i really don't get .
So if anyone can let me know what you think plz i am all ears .
Thank you and have a wonderful day and be safe .

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On our Dept. it is a 6 mo. probationary period, you canot drive, be on first truck out, less approved by the Chief, and canot do interier attack or rescue less approved by the Chief. I got in a little hot water for not listenen to orders and got to be put on probation for anouther 2 mo, so yes it is hard to not get to do much when first join. I understand now why Depts have rules and live buy them. All Depts run diferently to some degree and just becouse you are trained dose not mean you can just jump in and start doen what you do. They need to see and know that you not only know what you are doing, but that you learn how they do things and and how they work. Not only for your safety but theres as well. For they doent know how much hands on experience you have, like me I get to bring up the rear in the tender and do not get on the engine much, so hands on dont get to fight fire as much as the others. I am also on a paid on call Dept/Vol so only go to calls when padger goes off. There is also the family issue, with full time Depts, you live together and build bonds, friendships, and the big one trust, and that all comes to play and takes time to learn and earn when first join a Dept , even if it isent your first time.
Our probation is 12 months, inexperienced, 10 years full time wianother department or 7 years as a paramedic. No rule bending, if you're starting over, then you're starting over. 12 months is a short time in the grand scheme of things. I would think he would be happy to be on another department, put the ego away and work with their system.
Some depts may have a 'lateral' entry position. Other depts may not. Probationary rules should be written out and followed. When rules, regulations. SOP/SOG are not followed, that's when problems occur. Your boyfriend may want to rewrite this policy, but he should wait until he is in a position to do so.
I didn't think there was a issues here i was askin what the Probationary was on a year .
My dept is 3 mons i just have not ever heard of a year .
It's not a big deal and this post does not sound like a big deal .
Just a Question that'a all but thank you anyways.
Thank you everyone again for ur insight just needed to understand but now i get it LOL THank you and have a great day and god bless
our probation is till you turn 18 and or you get at the least 1403 and evd certified
I am from a career dept in nj. i tranfered from one dept with almost 9 years to another career dept. I had to do 3 weeks of days. That was the extent of my "probie" time. where is he a ff. my name is joe. the normal "probie" time is 1 year, that is for a new hire.

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