What made you want to be a firefighter or medic? For me I grew up around it. My father did it for 23 yrs. He was the only one in his family. On my mom's side I had 3 uncles, 1 cousin, and my grandfather. I guess it was pretty much set in stone that my brother and I were going to be firefighters....

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grew up around it my dad, uncle, and grandfather were all volunteer firefighters, i was going to go to the acadmey but cracked my ankle bone so i cannt do pt right now but i am training to get my ankle strong again so im a volunteer for now
I think I was 4 or 5 yrs old,it was a rainy day,and my mom had just mopped the floor.I don't remember where the fire started,but when the fire dept. showed up,I stood on the porch and told the fireman that my mom had just mopped the floor,and that they were not coming into the house with their muddy boots! LOL,well needless to say, I didnt get my way and was taken out of the house by mom. Our house was a half a block away from the station and every chance I got I went to the firehouse to look at the trucks.The guys used to let me sit in them and sometimes would blow the siren.I guess for me, it has always been something that I wanted to do.
My dad was a vollie for a number of years but he got out of it when i was a kid my uncles and grandparents where firefighters so at the young age of 14 i joined and now am in my 7th year.
My Dad.

He's been a firefighter for 6 years now. He lives in a diffrent state than I do, but I hung(hang) around his station enough that I was considered one of the guys.

So I decided to join my local dept.
This is pretty cool!!! I was just surprised to see how many responses we would get to it. It's just kinda cool to see where everyone came from.
me to i just grow up around it.. its in our family's blood..
Wow this is gonna sound really redneck but I was searching around on craigslist on day and came upon an add place by our county looking for volunteers. I sent a reply, and got a call back from our volunteer cheif the next day. So basically I stumble into this.... I love it though. I was going to be a law enforcement officer, and gave up on that and my degree to do this. I'm gonna be taking my classes to become paid next semester
Well I think for me same situation, I grew up around it, My father worked as a voluntaree firefighter, and then when I was old enough realize that it was on my blood!!!
I don't have anyone in my family who is into this.. I dated a guy who is on a VFD when I was way young and thought it was kinda cool.. we split and I moved 500 miles away and was looking at a local college and classes they had here and I saw they had EMT-B so I took it... I loved it.. Met my best friend in the class and now we are in paramedic together...
Joined local FD a year after 9/11, wanted to be able to help family and friends in case of another incident. Was not really interested in fighting fires, just wanted to help out any way I could. Joined to do Fire Police then started driving Ambulance, next thing I knew I was taking a basic FF class and with 6 months of joining I had completed intermediate FF class. Basically, within my first year, I was hooked and taking any FF class I could. My second year, i completed basic EMT training and was being asked to run for a LT's position. Been moving forward ever since and enjoying ever bit of it. Best thing I ever did, only regret is I didn't do it sooner.
for me, i had a buddy that finally talked me into coming down to the station. i already worked at the hospital and ran around at the ambulance service. so once i was at the station it just seemed to feel like home. i have been there ever sense and that has been almost 20 years ago.
I WAS INTERESTED as a child and became an explorer on our local vfd at the age of 14 and been following the calls of the department since

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