What made you want to be a firefighter or medic? For me I grew up around it. My father did it for 23 yrs. He was the only one in his family. On my mom's side I had 3 uncles, 1 cousin, and my grandfather. I guess it was pretty much set in stone that my brother and I were going to be firefighters....

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Well for me it was the fact it felt like it was my time to serve. Alot of the local FF's were getting about to retire and seen that if I didnt do it who would?? I may be me or my family who needed help and if I didnt do it who would?
my last bf... our first date was to his firehouse for a family party and he showed me the trucks and it got me hooked. The more I hung with him, and seeing what he was doing... I started getting excited, so I joined my dept (diff town then him) so when we broke up it didnt cause any drama... I only see him at Mutual Aide calls... Once I started running, I got hooked. I got my EMT Trauma exam tomorrow... wouldnt trade it for anything
I never grew up wanting to be a FF. I was with a buddy who was a vollie,and rode to a fire w/him. I was hooked instantly and joined as a vollie the next day.
I was a little kid that wanted to be a fireman (and a policeman, an astronaut, a vet, a lawyer, doctor, etc.) But I quickly grew out of it. My father worked at the plants and was part of the fire brigade out there. My best friend was the captain of a local volly dept. After having a bad day at work I got offered to go hang at the station with him and the guys. It was their training night, so I got invited to go out to the parish(county for you guys outside the sportsmans paradise) training center with them. I did a search and rescue drill in full ppe breathing air in a smoke filled house (fog machine smoke) and had to go in with a partner and locate and rescue the dummy. I had so much fun I joined the dept when we got back to the station and I've been in ever since!(going on 3yrs now started when I was 18) Best job in the world, I've loved every moment of it!
Back when I was 16 there was a brush fire that turned into a forest fire in the city I lived in. The city called in on and off duty firefighters and the towns around us to come and help. So me and one of my uncles went to see if they needed help. The fire was about two or three miles into the woods and was hard to get to. (we had four wheelers)So the chief said that the firefighters needed a way to get there and fast . So my a ride I gave them a ride to the fire. After we got them there they asked if us if we wanted to help and we said sure. So I was given a pack pump and my uncle was given a 2-1/2 to run. I thought that was the best thing in the world. Being able to help. And the next day I went to the nearest fire dept and asked if I could joingot accepted and still doing it. Thats how I got started
Well for me there is 2 reasons.
1. Its in my blood. My great grand father was fire chief of the Dover Air Force Base (funny thing is he died right after getting of duty), my cousin and sevral uncles are also Fire Fighters.
2. About 5 years ago a Very LARGE (I could see the flames over the tree tops, witch is a good 300-500ft high) house fire happened behind my house (about 1000ft back) with the wind blowing towards my house. Now let me tell you whats between the 2 houses. Trees, leaves, and twigs all dry from the summer heat wave and drought. I was the fist person to call the FD too. So yeah, that scared the shit out of me. note: The family in the other house was out of town at the time, so they were all safe.

That's the reason for me.

Stay Safe!
Well lets see, When I was around 8 years old I received a real fire helmet from a fire fighter in our area. That did it! I hung around the Fire house when I could, washing trucks, sweeping floors, etc. When I turned 18 years old I applied and the rest is history. Now almost 23 years later, I still love every second of it.

Be Safe!
I came into being a firefighter just because at the time I was un-employed and wanted something to do. Started out Nov 81 and loved it. Progressed along learning everything I could and taking as many classes as I was able to and soon was an Engineer. Within another two years I was a Captain and then was promoted to Asst Chief. The Chief retired so the City appointed me to be the Volunteer Chief. Withing one year I was given the job as full time paid Chief. I have been Chief now 17 years. Honestly have no idea how I got here from where I started other then to say I always put my service to the community and God as above all. Obviously my family was important to me as well. Never underestimate the power of your desire and heart to serve.
For me it came from a need to match what I was missing from my Army life, here in my civilian life. The brotherhood, a training regimen, the adrenaline rush, all of that. The biggest kicker for me was that I'd be doing something to help people, plus I like to serve. As you can tell from most of my responses, I base alot of my opinions off of things that I had learned in my time in the Army as I see them relating to the fire service. One of my friends that I haden't seen since high school came up to me, probably within a week of me returning home and asked me if I wanted to join the fire department. Here we are today. I never knew until I joined the fire department that my great-grandfather (who I'd known for 13 years of my life) was a firefighter his whole life, along with my great-grandmother who was in the ladies auxillery.
my name is heather..i became a firefighter 10-3-05...i grew up 2 houses away from a fire dept...i used to spend alot of time there wit my friends, since no one in my family was involed wit firefighting...the men and women there used to show us around the station and the trucks..they used to sit there and tell us stories about calls they have had and how everything works... after spending years there i knew that is what i wanted to do... never really thought about joining that station tho.. my cousin got a new boyfriend and he was envolved for years and me and her talked and she was going to join...she was trying to talk me into joining but i was still in school and working 2 jobs i knew it was going to be hard to take classes, but i joined and everything worked out wit my jobs to take the class....this year in '09 i have became 1st.lt. i am now driving the brush truck to help out wit drivers and maybe one day the engine....that is a big MAYBE...i have took the time to become an emt also in '08 and it was the best thing for me..i plan to do this as long as i can....
me i come from a big city and we had a station right on the corner and no matter how many times i went there i was always welcome there 1 day they a fire right down the road from my house the next day they were doing an investigation and i walked up and they said i could go on the 1st floor and they showed me everything they could without getting in trouble only bad thing that happened was i had new shoes on my mom had bought me the day before and as i was walking i stepped in a paint can that had opened well the firefighters knew i was in trouble cause of that so they stopped what they was doing and we went to the shoe atore and they bought me a pair so i wouldnt get in trouble wth mom so when i grew up i wanted to be just like them they told me the biggest theing they enjoyed was helping the city people when they needed it the most and it was true
I got started due to the fact without juniors there is no future. I just recently became a junior firefighter at Gasport Chemical Hose. The reason I got into it was because I love to help people and my dad and a few of my buddies are firemen.

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