I was wondering last night now other Fire Departments are dispatched. Here's an example of us for Fire and EMS.

Fire/or other related call.
KDP-395 to all (Department) home receivers.
Report of a (nature of call) at address or location.
Cross roads between so on and so forth.
Repeats with KPP-395 clear at time given.
Requesting acknowledgement.

KDP-395 to all Department Home Receivers.
ALS or BLS/EMS Request at so and so residence.
Cross roads are between this and that.
For a something or other age male/female with complaint.
Repeats with KDP-395 clear at time given.
Requesting acknowledgement.

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Im a 19yr old on the first aid station. As far as the EMS tones go its similar to urs, However as far as the Repeats go it only repeats if its on channel 1,they dont do requesting acknowledgement tho. I guess its pretty much the same.in a sence. Doesnt give time cleared tho. thats the only trick with it. so If u happen to miss the call we dont know what time it was at cause it doesnt give time cleared.
911 to Madison County Rescue
I-75 at the 95 mile marker possible 10-46

.. Yeah.. thats it
At the station: tones based on call, then the response, depending on whats going out. It could be for a station with an engine truck and ladder, Engine Response, Engine, Medic Response, Engine, Truck Response, Truck, Medic Response, or Station Response. over the radio its: Units, Channel (normally 4B), Box, Reason, Address, then repeated, this time adding any other information and the time.
First we receive the "all call" on our portable radios. If it's a long steady tone, it is a medical. If it's a pulsating tone, it's a fire call.

Brush Units 616 Ray for a general fire alarm, 616 Ray. Time 2148.

The dispatchers at the comm center air this over fire dispatch, ems and pd channels.

One dispatcher will contact pd to respond after the tone
Car 124.
124 en route.

The other dispatcher goes on our operations channel and pages our individual department

Brush Fire Department, 616 Ray for a general fire alarm. 616 Ray. 2149.

A minute passes by and they'll do a confirmation page repeating the above or if there are any updates.

If we don't go en route within five minutes they'll do a third page to ensure our radios are working.

Medicals are slightly different
Brush Fire Department 1220 Edison for a 76 year old male conscious and breathing having chest pain. 1220 Edison 2150.

Location, nature of the call and location closed with the time.
Pitt County Communications to Red Oak Sta. 51
Need to respond a(n) "nature of call"
Located at "address"
Cross Streets of.........
(If it is a fire)Hydrants located at........
Pitt County clear at (time)

After (3) three minutes if no apparatus has checked enroute dispatch is repeated.

Our Fire and EMS squads have seperate Freqs. and are basically dispatched the same.
If multiple departments are paged out for the same call all those station's tones are dropped then one announcement is given.

We are located in Greenville,NC which is in Pitt County in Eastern North Carolina.

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