Hello all me and some of the guys at the station, where cleaning the station up when we found some old hip boots from like the 80's. and I was just wondering if any fire dept's out in this great country of our's is still old school. With the 3/4 boots and trench coats ?

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Spent the first half(almost)of my career in them under heavier fire than we're doing now.Given the option I'd still wear them in the summer for OUR fire load.Tactically you have to be a little smarter to fight fire in 3/4's than you do bunkers.Vent work has to be rapid,precise and in the right spot.Didn't get too many people caught in rollover/pre flash in the old ensemble.I know our injury rate was less in the old gear.Oh,you'd have an occasional branding but you could work longer in the summer without relief.Tactics change as gear does,doesn't look like we'll be going back anytime soon.Gotta love gov mandates.
our dept. don'thave the option we have the short boots
some of us still have and use 3/4 boots for pumping basements and high water, not for fire fighting, we have bunker gear for that. sorry to say that not all fire departments can afford bunker gear and need to relay on what they have.
The 3/4 length hip boots are no longer NFPA compliant, a change that took place some years ago. I had an old set that I used when fishing or pumping basements, however the mice decided they were neat and built a condo in at least one of them.
nope never had any, and I rhink they are dangerous. thank goodness for pants.

Ya, the good old days, Shame we dont feel as safe now as we did then. Thanks for the memories Chris
where is this at TJ

The Backdraft poster is what I had in mind when I posted the doggie sweater blog.
I used to wear 3/4 boots, but was a convert to bunker pants in the 1970's.

A good friend fell through a floor collapse into a basement fire while wearing 3/4 boots.
A hoseline was able to partially protect him, and he covered some of the really important parts with his fire gloves until he could be rescued via ladder.

Afterward, he got to lie on his stomach in the burn unit for about 2 and 1/2 months...seems that's how long it takes for the burn intensivists to graft on the new butt.

3/4 boots are an excellent museum piece, along with the pompier ladders, the steamer engines, and the rubber turnout coats.
Hey dont make fun of the old gear lol i still have my set from when i joined back in the day i still use the boots on cellar pumps so i dont have to put all the gear on and they are good for surffishing lol
Were the boots the ACTUAL problem here?
there are no departments that i know of that still use them. i know for a fact that the city of chicago doesn't use them anymore. and boston also got away from the 3/4 boots. and san franciso is useing bunker know too. they only people that are aloud to use them is the fire scholl's and fire marshell's but i would like to get me a pair just to have a pair

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