A few years ago we were paged to a semi rollover, however dispatch failed to inform us that it was a gas tanker. Dispatch not giving us the whole story is unheard of to most of you guys I'm sure. But anyway we were standing in gas, diesel and foam on a windy day, which means the foam wasn't staying where we put it all that well and we are cutting the driver out, as we are doing this a good friend of mine looked at me and said glad that foam is there or we could roast a lot of marshmallows. About that time I looked down to see the foam that had been there 30secs before was slowly blowing its way down the ditch, and sparks from the sawzall were landing near where it had been. We shut down relayered and tried other techniques to get the driver out. It was 1hr 30min extrication time we ended up basically dismantling the truck around him to get him out.

So has anyone had calls where your thinking I might not make it home from this one?

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I went to an incident about 6 or 7 years ago, the information was that there were multiple persons reported trapped in a vehicle. I was the driver at the time and when we arrived on scene I was amazed at what I saw. The vehicle had hit the kerb at high spees and then hit a road sign which bent, effectively making it into a ramp. The car had continued up the ramp and landed on top of the parked car on the driveway, it had gone at such a speed that it had partially destroyed the front of the house making the structure unsafe. In addition to this, it had sheared through the main gas pipework which went in to the house. So we had a car on top of another car partially inside a brick built house, there were 4 persons trapped and we had a burst gas main. At the time we had only 4 of us on the fire engine and the next nearest back up was at a fire in the opposite direction to us. We ended up getting the first casualty free when the home owner decided to give him a good kicking, it wasn't a nice job to deal with at the time.
Dispatch not giving us the whole story is unheard of to most of you guys I'm sure.
Yeah right! I don't think we've had the full story for any response... :-)
If I ever get the whole story thats right on the money I'm going to worry.
all the time i pray every time that i go home to the love ones
finding people I know
OH yeah !!semi rollover lol The things we do and get in to..it's .. WOW... what a rush ..to bad we can't video ... we grounded and foamed the ground be cause of all the fuel semi rollover spilled we had ...before we drilled ..our capt came over and asked us are u good with this ?...lol yep ..we good!.. worked out great ! 10 hrs on that one. Be safe guys later


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