Does anyone know a grant I could apply for so that I can take an EMT-B class. I

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Look towards your dept, they could pick up the costs because if they run EMS, it benefits them to have personnel. Otherwise there is student aid, but no other real formal specific grants just for EMT-B.

My fire dept. doesn't have a rescue and the Chief doesn't even want me taking the class, but I am on a rescue and they are trying to help me out. What do I have to do for student aid? Thanks for the reply!

Contact your local college and see if they offer an EMT class or Paramedic class these can be covered under your student financial aid or pell grants for college and count towards credits for a degree

Thanks for the ideas. I know the local college does do an EMT class but I already have a class that I'm signed up for and it is happening soon. Around here it is hard to know when the next one will be offered so I'd like to take this one but it isnt offered through a college.

Tasha - I served on East Montpelier's FD for 10 years. Great to have you on Danville... Who are you doing EMS with?


How old are you? Does VT currently even permit anyone under age 18 to take the EMT-B class?


I looked at your profile, you are an explorer/junior FF - I am assuming that is WHY your chief does not want you to take the class - since you probably need a few more years of service under your belt before moving into this next phase. Why are you not valuing your Chief's input?


If you are under junior restriction status because of your age, etc. then perhaps you need to focus on mastering the skills that you already have.


Most EMTs that I know, serve as an EMT for 2-3 years and master those skills before moving up the next rung of the ladder. Most patients don't want teenage EMTs working on them, gain a few years of age, and you will start finding all of these things come more easily to you.


Yes, there is always a desire to learn more - but NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE the need to have good basic skills and be super proficient at those skills - since those skills are the ones that you will primarily be using.


Danville is a small department with a very tight budget, I am sure they must channel their monies towards those that have full status as firefighters before adding extra training of un-usable or rarely used medical skills for junior firefighters.


Focus on doing well in high school. Focus on mastering the skills that the FD is teaching you. Focus on getting into college and gaining some more experience and knowledge. If you are passionate about EMS, try to get into a community college (or wherever) and pursue a paramedic degree and/or fire science something that can serve you long-term, if this is where you want to head in your adult career.


For now get a job to start earning your own monies too, to gain life experience and to build your resume and gain stability financially and for balance in your life. It concerns me a little when your profile says that the fire department is YOUR LIFE - you need to have other things into your life to for balance - volunteering for the fire service can be one aspect of your life - but the best volunteers have strong family lives and are financially stable and educationally stable - so that they have other outlets to help balance the stress of the fire service.


So I suggest that you slow down and enjoy the ride - learn learn learn and practice practice practice - and don't be in such a rush to get more credentials. You will be KNOWN for your top quality work, not for your credentials.

Its nice to talk to someone associated with a dept. around the area. There are many trick situations going on for me. First the chief is also my father. He would not like me taking the EMS route in life. There fore is is not approving of me taking the class. Since our Fire Dept. does not have a affiliation with EMS skills then I have decided not to ask our fire dept. to pay for it. Danville is on a small budget so thats why the rescue that I roll with is trying to help but can't really put it out there for me. They are trying to help me in anyway possible, and one of those ways are looking for grants. I want to get onto a rescue after I graduate school and since the class is happening right now I think it makes sense for me to take it now. I am allowed to take the class but not get certified til I turn 18.  Which will only be a month or 2 until my birthday. I have a problem with slowing down and taking the time to get the experience. I want to get the credentials and the experience as well so that people will know I am serious about my passion. I do very much see your point and think all of what you said is true, though it just doesn't fit where I am in life. Thank you for the advice and if I would take it!

Tasha are you doing EMS with Cabot ambulance?

Danville Rescue

Perhaps you are NOT hearing the "chief" when you listen to "your father" - perhaps you need to learn to separate better his roles.

I hear your goal to get certified by age 18 - but I still do not see the connection of speeding up the process. Years of experience is MORE important than more credentials.

I saw that you have served only 1 year, that is not a lot of time in the big scheme of things. Getting your traditional education is going to be the most valuable tool you have - learning good English, Science, Math, etc. etc.

I joined my dept when I was 18, I started hanging around heavily when I was 17. My dept is first and foremost a fire department, THEN we also provide first responder EMS service (since I left, they now they have an ambulance service)... so the primary goal for everyone was to gain mastery in firefighting, then layer on medical skills.

There is no trophy for who gets the most credentials the fastest - like I said - you will be known for GOOD work. So you will be much better served by mastering basic skills - such as taking good vital signs, good ABCs, doing good primary and secondary medical assessments, learning top quality extrication skills, and being a consistent member of your department who always shows up ready and willing to learn and work hard. 

oh I just saw above you said that your FD did not have a rescue?

so you are saying Danville Fire is separate from Danville rescue? And you serve on both? Sounds like you are doing a lot of juggling... Be careful to keep balance so you can be fully committed to each role you take on.

then I looked at your profile and it says you served on Danville rescue ONLY 1 month - therefore, from my perspective you need a LOT of practice on your basic EMS skills before you chase more skills. Watch and learn and use the skills you currently have.

i have not been in VT for a while - does Cabot ambulance pick up for you? or does Danville Rescue have an ambulance now?

Danville rescue has 2 ambulances, and a full time crew during the day. they are a paid dept.

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