Well i got an interview, any one got any suggestions.


Should i where a tie?

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Congratulations! You might want to google the "todays" way of dressing for interviews. I mean, I was shocked to see at a funeral one time, I wore a dress shirt and pants and a tie. Most people there were in jeans and t shirts and just everyday clothes. I guess I am out of touch a bit. Maybe now adays its not as important to not look like a slob. I don't know. Damn I sound like I am old! Remember, you can always dress down (remove the tie etc) if you suddenly show up and are sticking out like a sore thumb. Also, not a real bad idea to do a bit of research on the company / department you are applying for. Know some of their history etc. I hate the question.. " What are your weaknesses? " lol I never got that one for a while. Do they really want you to tell them you suck at something? think about that, cuz they might ask. Good luck. Let us know how you did.
Thanks. Yeah i definatly know what you mean about people dressing down for every thing, and i definatly wasnt gona show up in jeans and T-shirt. I agree about the "What are your weaknesses?" question, it's just plain stupid.
Dont dress for the job you have dress for the job you want. I know a guy that passed the written test, and the physical test, was one of 5 finalist for the position and showed up for his interview with dirty jeans a t-shirt on and sunglasses on his head. (he did not get the job),The paid department around here gives max. points to how you dress. A suit and tie gets you max points, dress shirt and ties a few less points and so on. GOOD LUCK.
lI always made up a nice resume' and copies of my certificates with me to give to all those in the interview. You can go to a place like office depot and get some resume' folders to make it look good. Remember a copy for you as well, just in case there is a question about it.
I wore a suit and tie to all my interviews, not to say that it was right or wrong. Just remember you want to have a professional appearance about you. I agree with Brian, do some research on the department you are interviewing with, this may help with some of the questions that may be asked. And yes, think of a weakness that you have, but try to turn it into a strength. That was always a tough one for me. Answer questions fully and make eye contact with everyone.
Good luck Abe, and let us know how you did!
Congratulations and Good Luck!
If this is a career fire dept then do the suit and tie, basically business attire. You want to look professional and a fire job is really no different in an interview as a business.

Expect some of the standard questions..."Why do you want to be a firefighter for this dept?"...."What have you done to prepare yourself to be a firefighter?"...."How do you feel about diversity in the fire service?"....etc, then also expect some situational questions like "You are given an order and while going to carry out that order, you are given another order by another officer, what do you do?"....."You see someone take a wallet from a dresser, what will you do?"...."An officer tells you to do something you feel is unsafe, what do you do?"

Practice a response in how you will answer such questions, work on it to try and eliminate the "ahs", "ums", "you know's" and so forth. Some of the questions may get timed, so you don't want to spend too much time on a question. Just basically work on your responses and composure.
a question on "An officer tells you to do something you feel is unsafe, what do you do?"

how should you handle that situation?
a question on "An officer tells you to do something you feel is unsafe, what do you do?"
how should you handle that situation?

Depends. For me I said that the job in it's very nature is dangerous and we strive to operate in a safe manner at all times, but there are times we will have to take calculated risks. If I was given an order I felt was unsafe and not sure if the officer realized the safety issue I would repeat the order back to ensure they know I heard it and then point out the safety issue and if that is what they wanted. If it is, then I would carry out the order.
Suit up!

It's all about getting the badge...

Before anyone goes for an interview, whether it be for getting hired or for a promotion, I can't recommend anything other than going to www.eatstress.com

Captain Bob is right on the money. I used this after hearing about years ago when I was going through the Master Instructor training. It helped me get promoted to Captain and I know from fact that hundreds of folks have gotten hired using this link to learn more about and prepare for the job.

Had my interview earlier today, I think it went pretty good, no where near as stressful as I thought it would be. I'll find something out after they interview the other two candidates and they get my background check back. Thanks to every one for the advice, it really helped.

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