So my dept just paid off our newest pumper, & there's a general thought to purchase either a light rescue or Type 1 4x4 Ambulance. I'm curious of what anyone has paid the last year or 2 for either of these. Just need a baseline number to start from. Thanks!

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If looking for a light rescue are you wanting a water supply on it? or are you just looking for something like a small squad type vehical that can carry personnel and tools? That is going to vary the price point by a decent margin. I have seen departments around here make their own light rescue without a water source, by using like a 4 door f550 and a work box style bed for the tools or even using a set up like nypd special response services.

Be a cookie cutter 2 door squad most likely. No water. I'm just looking for a vague number on the high side.

Then easiest way and cheapest way is go to your local auto dealer and take a look at their vehicals that have boxes on them you may be able to pick one up for around 60-70k without all the lights and everything like that for a standard 2 door squad style i think my old department paid around 175-225k for theirs with everything


I always vote for keeping the funds within the community rather then spending it elsewhere always helps to build trust from your community when they see you spending money to help the local economy as well as helps if you need to pass a levy or something along those lines for the department


That'd be nice, but very small town that doesn't have the resources.

well local as in your town or surrounding towns just shows you like to keep it as close to home as possible most auto dealers have deals for emergency services




   EMS Company I work for just bought type 1 (non 4x4) and it was $110K set up as an ambulance, different EMS company I worked for bought new truck several years ago that was 4x4 and set up with a few EMS bells and whistles and it came in at $130K.

  A new pickup off the lot will run you between $40K and $70K plus you have to add NFPA striping, NFPA lighting package...etc.

  If it was me I would put my estimate at $150,000, you will probably be under this amount but not by as much as you think.

I appreciate it! That's about what I was figuring

we recently purchased a 2000 medium duty squad for around $40,000. The new one we priced was about 200K.

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