like most of you I don't do this for the glory, I do it to help a neighbor in need.    So when someone sees me in f.d. clothing and calls me a glory seeker it really bothers me.   Yes it is nice to be

recognized once and awhile for the hundreds of things we do a year but thats not why I do it.  I was wondering how you deal with people like that and if there are people on your depts. who do it for the glory???

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I think we've veered off of the main issue here, that of the original poster being referred to as a 'glory hound.' I realized that he answered my question as to where he was and what he was doing but yet, something still doesn't quite ring true.

Generally speaking firefighters are indeed (if not actually looked up to are at least) respected for the job they do. For a stranger to make such a comment to an apparent firefighter still leads me to believe that there is some link between that person and the person to whom the comment was directed.

The conclusion I would draw is that there is a tendency for the local vollies to maybe be driving a bit aggressively in their POV's. Whether one light or many, sirens or not some people may just not understand the need for such devices. But it may also be the behavior of some individuals that has created a 'glory seeking' image, what that may be has yet to be determined and we're left to our own devices to imagine such behavior.

To me the single important point here is that, whether on or off duty, wearing any clothing that identifies you as either a firefighter or a member of a specific department leaves you open to judgments on your actions from the populace. Offensive language, loud and callus conversations, obscene gestures to people who fail to cede the right-of-way or any other inappropriate behavior leaves lasting impressions with people. Not to mention drinking in a bar while wearing said uniform pieces, even if it's only a coke.

If you are wearing any part of your department uniform, at any time and anywhere, you are considered by many to be on-duty and, regardless of your intent are representing your department. Keep that in mind when you go out the door next time.
Definate possibilities there Jack, no doubting. I addressed the OP briefly but this last post was more aimed to the issue of even wearing a FD type of shirt. I definately agree that you still represent the dept and there is no reason to be wearing a "duty" shirt or part of a uniform for everyday occasions. If one is a volly and in a bar, like mentioned, at least wear the shirt inside out, I've seen that before. No reason for a career person to even wear a duty shirt or uniform off duty. Definately agree that what you wear does leave one open for judgements, but then again it isn't (or shouldn't be) difficult to be professional and remember who you represent.

but then again it isn't (or shouldn't be) difficult to be professional and remember who you represent.

You would think....
I have been a firefighter since the late 80's. I have my FD duty shirts that I proudly wear. I do it for the community and the heritage in my family. Not glory. Saying that you wear your FD shirt for glory is ridiculous. Do you have any pride for your department? Doesnt sound like it to me. I dont even have a FD sticker on my vehicle. My red light cant even be seen if its not on. But its just my opnion and you know what they say about those.
We have dept shirts that we can wear, we also have dept. jackets also.I don't wear my stuff in public for the glory but because I am PROUD to be a volunteer fireman. I also wear my dept shirts everyday because I never know when we are going to have an alarm and if I go directly to the scene I am easily identified as a responder. I also own several "other" dept shirts, but I wear them in SUPPORT of those depts.and I have a couple of the "other" type shirts too. One of my "other" dept.shirts has on their shirts--"I FIGHT WHAT YOU FEAR"--so,does that make that whole dept. glory hounds??.....I think we better ask the community that they serve that one and see what they say. If someone said unkind things to me....I would just shrug it off....they don't have a clue about THE BROTHERHOOD and someone like that I wouldnt want in my dept.And one more thing we as members are forbidden from wearing dept. shirts in a place that serves alcohol.
I won't dispute your reasoning for wearing department tee's, but with regard to the "I Fight What You Fear" type tee shirts I do disagree. Why not just wear a shirt that says "If You Aren't A Firefighter You're A Coward." Those kinds of in-your-face statements gives a very bad impression and leaves the public with a very bad taste in their mouth. And I personally think those shirts DO suggest that the wearer is a glory hound. "I Fight What You Fear" says 'hey, look at me, I'm a way cool, brave firesman.'
I agree with Jack here. I don't see any reason why ANY dept, volly or paid, should have any kind of demeaning statement such as " I fight dah dah dah", as a "slogan" for their deptartment. I mean, really, don't you think that's an offensive statement to those that read it? And to wear it proudly in public as part of a "uniform"? I dunno bro. I can understand how someone might take offense to that and make a remark such as the one the OP mentioned.
Ours just has our dept name on the back. We also have one with the maltese cross and our dept name. If I want to offend someone, I'll do it verbally.
I can understand the paid FF side of things. Work pants and work shirts were part of my work uniform. I'd be damned if I was going to wear it while not working.
I would like to post that video about the way cool fire slayer with the bitchin' tattoo, but I think that's been overdone. Kinda fits here though.
Yeah, no whacker shirts here, but do have a standard t that has our logo on the left chest and the dept. name on the back. Believe it or not, it's not me that has the t-shirts from other dept.'s, it's my girlfriend. She is an ED nurse, and has picked up local dept. t-shirts from areas where she's worked and interacted professionally and socially with the local EMS, which of course, %50 are firefighters. She's a whacker and doesn't even know it.
We dont have any glorry seekers here now we used to but we called them parade firemen(kinda explains itself) but i dont believe there is anything wrong with wearing a FD shirt. If people think that you are showing off when your wearing a fire department shirt then so what, i bet they wouldnt say anything about it if there house was on fire. Im not saying that i want there house to catch on fire, but we all no that people will talk trash about us all day long until uh oh they need us. Its part of the job really, and idk care if somebody gets hero tattood on there face as long as there willing to help out a complete stranger anytime anywhere without expecting a thanks then there good in my book
I was thinking about that video when reading the last line of Jack's statement above yours...too funny.
i ignore them because they don't truly understand what we do unless they are someway tied into the service, As for the people in my station that are glory hounds we remind them that this job is not done for glory but for the love of our community, does it help them realize, no not really but maybe someday.
And let me attack that from one other angle, Jack.....Not only is it demeaning to bystanders, but let me pose this questions to all of us here on FFN....who here is scared every time they crawl into a dark, smoky building, not knowing what they're getting themselves into??? Allow me to be the FIRST to raise my hand.

I just wonder, are these people that wear these shirts NOT afraid when they enter an IDLH atmospher with god-only-knows what hazards lay ahead in the dark? Personally, if they're not at all fearful because they are that pumped up with adrenaline, then I don't want to be in there with them.

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