like most of you I don't do this for the glory, I do it to help a neighbor in need.    So when someone sees me in f.d. clothing and calls me a glory seeker it really bothers me.   Yes it is nice to be

recognized once and awhile for the hundreds of things we do a year but thats not why I do it.  I was wondering how you deal with people like that and if there are people on your depts. who do it for the glory???

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You know the taxpayers are certainly more receptive of the military despite what they may feel about any particular war, which is a nice change. I'll tell you what though, the thank-you's from strangers and clapping and all the other things makes me crawl in my skin. No idea why, it just does.

When I came home from the sandbox, I had to stay a day later than my unit for some stuff at our demob...they went back to the reserve center in DCU's with a huge crowd, escort, news, etc. I hopped a cab, in civies, back to my house....couldn't have been happier.
There is nothing wrong with wearing tasteful clothing with your fire department logo on it.
In most cases, you have earned the right to wear it.
My guess is that the citizen who cracked off to you was expressing frustration and disappointment with his own life.
Maybe he lost his one, true love to a firefighter. It happens.
Whatever the case; don't sweat it. No one got hit. No one got hurt.
It sucks to be him.

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