Does anyone have a workout routine tailored to jobs that we perform on the fireground? My guys are wanting to get into better shape but incorporate actuals tasks that we would face on the scene of various calls.

We have a kaiser sled and some kettlebells. We drag 5" LDH, we drag 2.5" hose, we drag a dummy. All of these are in a circuit program that we run through. I've looked online and found some interesting ideas, but a lot of it involves situps pushups and pullups. Don't get me wrong I do strongly believe in these workouts but we're looking for more fireground oriented ideas. We're looking into getting an old telephone pole and a big tractor tire. I'm trying to add in climbing a ladder and doing something with it just haven't had too much thought into the idea.

The routine we have right now is pretty good and will leave you tired and wore out in no time, but the more things we can add in to it the more interesting and challenging it makes. We eventually plan on moving up to doing this in full gear going on air. But this is after we have designed our program exactly how we want it, and have done it several weeks and are able to move up to this feat.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to know what other departments are doing to stay in shape and get better physically fit, instead of just the norm of going to the gym.

-Logue LCFD

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Checked it out, awesome video we're gonna try some of that and see how it goes. Oh and about the sled, my forearms and hands are so sore after doing it. We usually workout after lunch until before supper. When it's time to eat everyone has a hard time holding their fork cuz your hards are just like locked up!
We do yearly physicals and make sure everyone is physically fit. This is just a workout for the guys who want to stay in and shape and get in better shape for the fireground. Although we do have a couple drivers and even captains jump in with us from time to time.
I saw this, we have a goal at our station but not a big enough area to really get the full affects of what these guys are feeling. But we're hoping to eventually work up to being able to do our workout routine with full turnouts on air.
I'm liking a lot of things in this, definitely going to incorporate some of it into our plan, thanks!
I was actually thinking about taking one of our reserve pumpers out to one of the college stadiums parking lots and running drills that we would actually do on scene: pull hose, flow water, catch a plug, extend ladders, run power tools, hoist things, get down and crawl around for searches, just do what we would normally do. After you set it up, break it all down and let everyone switch positions so everyone has a chance to do each job. This would have to be done on a day off, and it'd take some really motivated firemen to come and do this on their "own time" but I'll see if anyone likes the idea.
It can be a lot of fun. Provide a good lunch, get everyone pumped and excited about it. I'm on a volunteer department, so it's always our "own time" and we require that people be available essentially every Tuesday evening for training in order to join the department in the first place.

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