Some Fire Departments only have meetings once a month, Personally I think You should have one every week on a set day of the week. I know my fire dept, we have one every MOnday night at 7:00pm. What do you think. Our Fire meetings also count towards our required 36 hours of training each year.

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I was horrified when I first read the OP. More than one meeting a month? No way thought I ! Then I read other posts and realised it was simply my understanding of the word 'meeting' - as we don't call training or station/truck checks 'meetings'.

In my Brigade a month is usually one 'meeting', two Sunday training sessions, one or two Monday night training session and two equipment check sessions on Sunday mornings (alternating with the training).
we usually have two meetings each month. unless something comes up and we have to have an emergcy meeting. this has been working out great for us.
awe have one sit down meeting per month otherwise we are at the station every monday evening for training equipment checks ect.
If there is a need for anything to be discussed or information passed to the members out side of the normal monthly meeting it is done on the mondays at muster and rollcall a standing up type of meeting.
Speaking from a person who was in a coperate company i found many meetings to be a wast of time and resource to the point of having a meeting to discuss when to have a meeting type of situation.
Every Tuesday at 19:00. Usually revolves around training of some sort.
We have a Business Meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month, then a "Work Night" on the 4th Monday. The first meeting is to go over committees and other business related subjects, and the work night is usually for major things needing done around the station. It's also used for pump practice, so on and so forth. The Business Officers usually meet on the 4th Monday to pay bills, and the like. We used to have 2 Business Meetings during the Winter Months (in WNY that's Oct.-May/June).
Once a month is enough. Dragging dead horses around from one side of the room to the other should not be a weekly activity. Saturday morning, or one evening a week, checking the stuff and the apparatus, comradarie, training etc. Hey, this is what its about. The business meetings are a drag!!!!

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