Drum Major John Coleman of the Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes and Drums band has quit the group following his initial suspension from the band for six months after a nod and wave at President Barack Obama during last week's inaugural parade.

Coleman's resignation from the band, first reported by the Plain Dealer earlier today, comes after becoming the center of a nationwide firestorm on whether the initial suspension was appropriate -- or over the top.

"There are too many bridges burned with the pipe band, too many hurt feelings on both sides," Coleman told the Plain Dealer, fire inspector for Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Here's a story from CNN.com about the original suspension, including an interview with the man at the center of it all (well, not Obama but...)

What are your thoughts on this? Should he have been suspended for breaking 'military parade protocol'? Should he have quit (granted, the press was substantial -- but the outcry was mostly over him being suspended)? What would you have done if marching by the newly minted President?

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Give me a break! This gentleman gave a quick wave and nod.....he wasn't jumping around and waving or winking like an idiot. This response was entirely appropriate to the wave the President, our Commander and Chief gave him. Who ever made this decision needs to be removed from his position of authority because he obviously does not know what the heck he's doing. He really gave a black eye to the band and has made them a laughing stock.
After watching the video I personally saw nothing wrong with what Brother Coleman did, especially since he is the team leader, to suspend a veteran of the team for such a minor infraction, im my opinion, was foolish. I do understand military protocol though, I think a letter reprimand would have been more appropriate
FIREFIGHTERS If you make a mistake, you practice until you get it right.
So get them all back again and make sure no one waves :)
you gotta be kidding me!!! he didnt flip him off or nothing like that.. a breach of decoreum-OK fine letter of repremand and lets have a pint and move on. but this and how far its gone alredy...GIMMIE A BREAK. if its such a big deal why wasn't he taken down by the secret service. whos the driving force behind this? the FD? the president? GIMMIE A BREAK..if its a breach of military protocol, why aint he up for court martial (would have been a good episode for JAG) ...you did ok drum major i would be proud to have in my parade anytime, you looked good and walked tall///FTM-PTB
I didn't see a problem with it either.
Being in the US Army for over 36 years and obtaining the rank of Sergeant Major had me dealing with protocol involving senior level General officers and civilian leaders. Looking at the video, IMO, I saw nothing less then professional gestures on John Coleman's part. His facial expression did not change and his hand movement was short and sharp. There must have been a personal conflict between him and who ever leads his group that blew over publicly. Even in the Army a conflict like that would have been kept in house and dealt with fairly. Once again, IMO, too severe of a punishment for nothing done wrong. TCSS
Polotics are never aplied equaly, he just got screwed!

Wow, who'd have thunk so may people would get so stupid over this particular issue. for all the experts in the from military backrounds to the liberal Obama's my freind folks.. we had em all here too.. Ok that being said.. Yes , There is a specific protocal for Pipe Bands That NOT one of the US armed services PIPE Bands. and YES he would have been correct in giving an eyes left or an eyes left with proper salute.... and 6 months suspension is a bit much for the obvious "infraction" . The band has apparently had numerous other problems with Coleman that THE Band chose NOT to, nor will make public , because No one likes to air dirty laundry, However, in his own apparent wisdom the former Drum Major Chose to make an issue of the suspension by taking the story to the media, which Most likely led to the extended 6 month period from a shorter one. The Band is made up of Career firefighters and since 1991 have done they're utmost to honor ANY firefighter fallen in the line of duty, The now famous photo of THEM Marching through Worcester Massicusetts American Flag Truck Arch became an icon for a few years before 9/11 , thankfully at that time the entire group was smart and not winking and waving. The band traveled from Cleveland to Worcester on they're own dime...and would travel if requested to YOUR Lodd if requested...
The most rediculous part of this issue, is how fast everyone condems the group because of 1/64th of the story was made public.. On local blogs/Clevelands Newpapers, the Know it alls had a field day you have here, and yes The band did have to"deal" with numerous issues and will for some time to come. The 17 year veteran of a once noble organization Chose to do his best to screw the band over by making the issue public granting numerous exclusive interviews...given the "negative potential" at this focal point of Patriotic involvement for the band. It becomes very obvious his attitude has been a problem for many years. IF I cant play in the sand box, I'll Crap in it so no one can ever play in it.. obviously a dedicated mentality and attitude for any member of an organization.
It's saddest that you people have gone so far to say, screw them I wouldnt donate etc.. while I am typing this I glanced to the latest activity and see Oldman replied to a post "Super Polished Boots = Professional Image " lol but who gives a crap what you look like? Come on people buy a clue

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