So in about 9 hours, I will be taking the written portion of the FF1 exam to test out for the state of Georgia. I have been studying relentlessly, but for some reason I still feel as though I m not as prepared as I should be. What are some of the things that I should probably look over a little more thoroughly and make sure it is ingrained into my head? Any help is greatly appreciated. TCSS


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Nate, First of all you need to stop worrying, and have faith brother. You say that you have been
studying relentlessly, so with that being said, you should do just fine. What you need to do is
to get focused in a possative state of mind, take your time, read over the question twice so that
you fully understand the question, and the answer will come to you.
I wish you well, and i'm sure you will do just fine. Get back to me, and let me know how you did.

Remember to go with your first instinct. don't second geuss yourself!!!! If you want it as bad as you sound you do you'll do fine.
Thank you guys. I know that I know the material, and I want this more than anything, so I know I can do this. The written is today at 6, and then the practicals are next sunday at 8am. So I will most definitely get back to you all about how the test goes. I want to sincerely thank you for helping me out. Take care, stay safe all.
So the written was difficult, but I am 99.9% Positive that I passed it. Now on to the practicals, and saying "proper PPE, as a member of a team, under the incident command system, with the wind at my back..." before I do everything. Oh the joys of testing out. But thank you all for the support on the written. Now hopefully the fire gods will smile down and let me pass these darn practicals
Just "do it like you learned it" and you'll do fine brother. Practice your skills for the practical and when test day comes around - relax. If you're half as motivated as I've read - you already know your stuff - just stay cool, stay focused, and you'll come through just fine.
I know this is a little late, and by now is surely old news, but I passed my practicals with flying colors. Didn't even use a single re-do. And as for the written, again, passed with flying colors. Now all there is to do is get that little thing we call a pager and go do what I have been training for the last 7 months to do. Thank you to all that gave me support. It really helped with the nerves and jitters. Take care and stay safe all.


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