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After a long discussion with our fire dept. board members at our last meeting it was apparent we needed to do something with our cadet program. The program has the ability to accept 10 cadets right now we have one. It has become hard to be creative with training for one cadet. If anyone has any insight on how we should go about recruiting new applicants it would be greatly appreciated. As a graduate of this program in 2008, I am still green as far as the fire service is concerned so I am reaching out for help to salvage a program which I feel has great potential if ran correctly. Senior firefighters, chiefs and cadets I am willing to hear all ideas that aren’t insane(no pink elephants or anything please). This is a serious matter to me and with the elders on the department not wanting to instill the effort to recruit I ask for you help.


Thank You,

Firefighter Jake Moomau

Rock Creek Twp. Fire Dept.

Meriden, KS

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Jake, not knowing the age requirement for your cadet program I'm guessing under 18 years old , Maybe a one week summer camp for kids say 12-16 years old to show them what it is like to volunteer , Have them learn about the ppe,  scba, ems, first aid , and so much more of what your department does  and to get the camp started ask for lots of help from the members and local recreation department , I know one of the departments in our town has this camp every year gives the kids something to do for 2or3 hours a day for 5 days while out of school and they have had a couple kids join their department from this camp ,  Hope this is what you are looking for for an answer .

Thanks Bill our bylaws state that anyone 14-21 years of age. And yes these are the types of things I am looking for. typicaly we graduate the cadets at the age of 18 to probie firefighters we used the 21 rule so that the new cadets can have mentors inside the program.

I have attended siminars on how to sell your dept meaning go out and do what you can and  get people to notice your dept. If you are looking for people then you go out there and talk and put up displays tell or show what your dept is about and what it can do for them.
Jake try running a notice in the local media. They will probably do this free of charge as a public service  announcement. Use this to set up an information night at your station where your presentation will include what you  offer through the program and expectations and requirements while showing specific equipment that you will be teaching the use of. YOU WILL PROBABLY GET SOME TIRE KICKERS BUT SHOULD GENERATE SOME SERIOUS PARTICIPANTS.
First target 16 to 18yr olds, anything younger than 16 and i think you lose their focus. Use the media, use the schools, and/or any youth groups in the area. Hold an open house at your station and talk to the parents of how this can help keep their children focused on doing the right things. Out of 10 kids you get, 5 might stick it out. Now you have 5 kids who can help inspire their friends to get involved!

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