Our county sets off everyone's tones in alphabetical order every day at 19:00 hrs. My old county was at 18:00. My brother-in-law is on a vol. EMS service and theirs is at 21:00. Just wondered who else does this?

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HELL NO i wish we did.
I dont really need one. We get enough calls that I know it is working. Between us and the Ambulance there are about 10 calls per day. We used to do pager tests once a week. They dont any more though.
yep, every night at 18:30 hrs... comes from carroll county on the odd days and savanna 911 center on even days, every one in the county, one right after another... its nice to know the damn thing still works, if ya go a few days without a call, lol
We get a county wide test every monday between 1830-1900. The fist monday of the month we get one from normal dispatch and one from back-up, followed by a MABAS test by both.
we have a county wide radio test for fire/police/ems everyday at 18:00 unless there is a call going on at the time.

The county sounds off at 1700, to advise of classes that night. The City (my dept.) does morning radio test at 0705, with pagers set off on Mondays and Fridays.
The county sets the individual tones for all of the departments in the county every wednesday. During the bad weather months they also include the all call weather tone, which trips everybody's pagers including the police departments.
10 a day??? Dang I would settle for 10 a month LOL We are on a dry spell right now. But we have been using it wisely and doing a ton of training.
no, haven't seen a need to

with 21 depts dispatch would probably scream if we asked
Every night at 6:30, unless there is another fire agency out. Then we won't get it.

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