Just curious how many of your depts issue you radios over pagers? If so what radios do you carry? Do you find it an inconvenience?

My dept issues everyone a Min V and the officers also get Motorola HT1250. If we want to buy our own we can. I have a Kenwood.

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My Fire dept. issues every Firefighter pagers (minitor III,IV,V) and all Officers get radios and pagers

the First Aid squad issues pagers to all driver and pagers and radios to all EMT

My department issues Minitor V pagers to everyone. Officers and FF's that work interior get radios. Most officers are carrying a Motorola HT1250, FF's have Kenwood TK272's.

Probies get a Minitor IV pager. When you come off of probation you are issued a Vertec 160 or 180 handheld. We allow everyone to keep the pager as long as we have extras.

I have a Minitor V pager and Motorola CP200 VHF radio. We are switching to the 800mhz radios right now. I may be getting one of those soon.


i know most of our department have radios they are new kenwood  they are a pretty much county wide radio but we don't carry to many pagers were im at because its easier and we have problems getting the dispatch to do both tones when their is a fire etc. but most of our new guys get a pager until we can get them a radio or until they show their interested enough/ responsible to have a radio i would rather sacrafice a 300.00 dollar pager than a 800-1000.00 radio ya know

Everybody on my department carries a Motorola XTS 2500 and at $4600.00 a pop thank goodness DHS supplied them

Pagers are not used in my county at all. My department currently uses both Motorola CP200 &  Vertex Standard VX-454 (which is what I carry).

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