I run with a 100% volunteer department.  We sometimes find ourselves in a pinch when it comes to covering day time calls.  What are others doing to cover these calls during the day?

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Don't be afraid to get mutual aid.

Communicate between staff members and learn everyone's daily schedules (in general) so that people are more aware that they're may be gaps during certain times and days. This awareness helps people be more attentive to answering calls during those times.
We have the same problem. Always remember that you can call for mutual aid. I am afraid this is only going to get worse because the days of your employer letting you leave to attend a fire is past history.
Very good point!We have to do this with our folks,and especially our EMT's.During the day we usually only have one available but sometimes more due to vacations from job,etc...Or,if someone will be unavailable they let someone else know so that responses can be roughly preplanned.
We also run AMA, our hours are 6a-6p, Monday through Friday, and the agreements run both ways. We go to theirs, they come to ours. We do EMS and MVAs with the other department in the area that also does EMS and we do structure fires and Interstate MVAs with three other departments. These agreements have benefitted each department on numerous occassions.

Fortunately, the egos and whatnot have not messed up this system, we are lucky. Because, bottom line, the person that is hurt, house burning, or whatever does not care if it is a Slime-Lime, Bright Red, Dark Red, or White truck that shows up to help, they just care if someone shows up.
hi Jacob I have this problem in my dept . We have two other depts in our twsp. at times we each have problems not having personell . We respond all three depts on all dwelling and structure fires from 6AM to 5PM . by doing this we are certain to get trucks and personell on the road . We also try to call in other mutual aid companies early or at least put them on stand by upon smoke showing . Remember all we can do is try to do our best I know there are people who could run in fire depts. but chose not to . When you tell them the hours required to be a firefighter because of training and fire fighting duties they decide they do not have the time . We live in a time when to many people are just trying to get by and don't have time to devert from their family and their jobs . Try to get young people involved if you can peak their intrest they tend to stick around . Take care
What are department calls John Wayne time. Call for mutual aid and do what you can. I have put out car fires, Atv fires, Grass fires and been on many aid runs with just a couple of us. We cover a hundred square miles in area. So Mutual aid is a long time off sometimes. We just watch are butts and do what we can, while staying safe.
We are BLS non transport so on the med runs an amblance is always sent. Car fires most of the time when we get there its fully involved. So If I don't have someone there yet to help. I fight it from a distance cool it way down then mop it up. No need to die over a hunk of scrap metal.

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