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Dam-it rookie this happens all the time! Bring it down the ladder, we all have done it! I recommend the fireman’s carry and don’t forget FULL PPE’s.


And you thought those knot classes where a waste of time?
OOOO..... Heather is going to spank you!!!!!!
Ya know - a skylight is a nice touch - the natural truly lends to adding comfort for me and my little crazy kitties...

don't you think you were just a little heavy handed on the installation?

I'm just sayin...
Damn, I knew I shouldn't have bought my GPS from that guy on the corner. He said that TIM TIM was just a typo
hahahahahahahahahaha... hope i never see this. everytime you think you see the most crazy thing something different happens.
well then quit POSING as a construction worker... and starting the remodel without a plan... or contractor in place...

I swear all men seem to be alike in this manner... wing it... and hope it works out...

well I still appreciate your initial intention to improve my world and make my home a more luxurious and relaxing retreat...

but don't think your lack of planning... is getting too much sympathy... and is getting you out of making it right with diamonds...
Anyone feel like singing a christmas carol????

Up on the housetop.....
Up on the housetop, crash, bang, boom. Down comes a car into the living room!
I thought when they moved house the wheels go below the house not on top.
You don't like the way I remodeled the bedroom? It reminds me of our first date! You know... the back seat... the steamey windows... Yes. I remember the cops...
"battalion 1 to county"
dispatcher: "battaltion 1"
chief: "we're going to need pd at this location, for a clear cut case of polish breaking and entering"

We could negotiate...

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