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"I knew I shoulda had that skateboard ramp removed from the driveway!"
Hmmm.. Being's that, "Possession is 9/10's of the Law", I believe the new room addition will be absolutely unique.
Dude........ wheres my car????
Dang it should have built that ramp just a little higher, would have made it, Dukes of Hazzard here I come!!!!!!

So you think you are man enough to screw with me ?


Have you not seen me eat bigger men than you for lunch ? CHEW CHEW CHEW..

I guess since YOU let me drive YOUR car - that makes your intelligence the one in question !!!
I told them NOT to build the highway interchange over my house... since there are a high percentage of people, like Jeremy, who will just come flying off that overpass right into my house below...

but the cheap bastards didn't want to buy me out...

so now Jeremy will be buying me a new house... once he gets his tail end out of my bedroom...
"Good morning, is this Agency Insurance, good!!Uh, Yes, you can help me... I'd like to combine my Auto & Home Owners policies now"
This is how today's teens park cars!
Is that a Chiefs car? Why do they always park so close to the scene?
15... :)
If only you had installed the "Dixie Horn" then we would have flown right OVER it!

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