Just out of curioisty, I know that the emergency light laws for the state of New Jersey dictate that only 2 blue lights can be used when responding but I know several people in my firehouse alone that have more than 2 and/or are over the voltage limit. A friend of mine told me that there's a limit to the number of Led's allowed and the candle power they produce. What I want to know is what the punishment is for violating these laws or even if the police care.

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To Answer the OP's question:

39:3-54.13 Violation of act; penalty.

7.Any person authorized to operate emergency warning lights pursuant to P.L.1977, c.223 (C.39:3-54.7 et seq.) who willfully operates such emergency warning lights in violation of the provisions of P.L.1977, c.223 (C.39:3-54.7 et seq.) shall be liable to a penalty of not more than $100 and the person's privilege to operate such emergency warning lights may be suspended or revoked by the Chief Administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. A person who is not authorized to operate emergency warning lights who willfully operates such emergency warning lights shall be liable to a penalty of not more than $200.

L.1977,c.223,s.7; amended 1995, c.37, s.3; 2005, c.218, s.6.

Not to say that the above will be enforced, but cross someone the wrong way or catch a cop on a bad day and what it says above is what you'll be faced with.

Mostly I think it's about status. Read some of the posts on lights, it's the first thing a kid wants to get, sometimes even before he's a "firefighter."
I am aware of that.......NOW........LOL

What more do you really need?
In your case, You first need a vehicle to park under the blue light. Now go put MY blue light back in MY van. Dad
of course "you" would jack. figured you would post something like that.....brother..
Well here in FL the color is red and you can have 2 systems there is no limit on candle power outher than by the manufacture of the unit. Remember the light is only good if its seen and understood.

Most of our LEO's dont care as long as your safe in your actions. But if you get caught infracting any traffic laws blowing stop signs, excessive speed and the like or have a crash they can and will enforce it.

One: You get the citation for the traffic fine. The department will not pay it.
Second: You will get your state firefighter certification revolked PERMANENTLY!!! its in the law now.
Third and last: You will be removed from service with any fire department in the state no exceptions.

Pretty tough rules but it cuts down on dumb s*** probies ruining it. On my department you wont get a red light permit anyway till you have your state FF cert. in hand. Seeing as I'm the Chief that rule will never go away till I'm gone. Were also going to put it in the bylaws so it will never go away. If you dont have your certification you dont need to be on the first out engine anyway so whats your hurry. you will end up scene support and out of the IDLH. Besides that you dont know enough to make a huge difference on the fire scene anyway. Therefore slow down and breath do the speed limit you'll be doing it anyway with the light on or off so get used to it. Drive to the station safely getting to the call safely is half the battle. Besides that you will learn all the light will do is make the dumba$$ in front of you lock up the brakes and stop in the middle of the road and cause you to slow down or stop anyway.
In Ontario (Canada) our police just added blue to their lighting. It required a change of law and police display a red/blue combination. Blue was previously used only for SNOWPLOWS. That's right... snowplows. No special right of way granted, just that you had to be careful around them because of the big blade on the front. (Why it couldn't be amber like the rest of the country/world is beyond me).

For the next few years snowplows can still use blue lights, but not in combination with red. I think they are going to phase out the blues on snowplows but slowly so as to not upset the snowplow industry. I am dead serious.

Firefighter's POV can display "A LAMP that produces intermitant flashes of GREEN light" and it is a "courtesy light".

The law is "silent" on how many lights you can have but the "A lamp" implies ONE.

I haven't seen many with more than one, usually a dash light or 'kojack' on the roof.
If someone did have more, they would likely get pulled asside and given a talking too about being a whacker. You don't want to be that person in my area.
Vermont, get a permit signed by your chief and stamped at the DMV. Red/White and siren. I have a dash light, 4 bulb hideaways and an interior lightbar in the back window of my silverado as well as a carson siren. I usually miss the firetruck because I live so far away from the station so i respond directly to the scene.
Ha thats funny cuz the same thing happened to me. In IL we run blue and clear but in IN that is the color the Police use came over a hill and there it was you could barly get stopped so i turned around and parked at the top of the hill with the lights on and went back to help till ems got there the police asked me who i was so i told him .then he said well ill have to write you a ticket for the blue light. I just nicely told him that it could have been a ten car mva instead of 2 if thats what he wanted. Ill just go on next time and let more get hurt. he saw my piont and let me go but there are a few in our area that wont but most understand
And your point would be.........?

Here -http://www.firefighternation.com/forum/topic/search?q=blue+lights&a... there are 48 pages of discussions regarding lights on povs. And believe it or not, many of them are from cadets or 18 year olds that just became a "firefighter" and the only important thing to them is getting lights (often, as many as possible) on their povs.

So again, what's your point? Am I wrong? Below is from the first two pages.

LOL exactly my point, 51CP? LOL must have been a slow day in Trenton

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