what is the best way to shut the power off to a structure....that doesn't involve waiting for the power company

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Pull the meter
Pull the meter, but we always wait for the power company.
pull the meter
I am talking about single thru three story residential.......I also thought pulling the meatier would be the best option although I have been told that it may not cut the power inside the structure (I don't understand how it couldn't though)
pull the meter. it will cut the power to the structure.
NO ONE can pull the meter safely except the power company, yes I said it . Wait for the professional, they dont put out our fires, we should not touch thier meters or wires!
I guess you've never been shocked in a building fighting a fire. If you have the proper safety gear, which is tested as per the manufacturer, at required intervals, and you've been properly trained, I say pull the meter.
Actualy it is illegal in my state to touch any of thier aquipment. I dont know your department, but I would almost bet that the equipment is not tested to thier specs as often as it should be. Also on many structures, pulling the meter will not kill the power to the whole building, do some research youmay be surprised. There is absolutely no way a firefighter can maintain enough training to stay safe. I am sorry if you dont agree, but this is my opinion. If it works for you, do it, but please try to stay safe. Last thing we need are more needless LODD's.
Actually the equipment, especially the gloves are tested to the power companies specs because they were given to us by them, and a member works for them and ensures that all equipment is tested and or replaced as per specs. You are correct that pulling a meter will not kill the power to every building but to a Northeast tract house with overhead wires, odds are the power will go out unless they have a backup generator. I respect your opinion, and with all aspects of firefighting, if a member is not trained or doesn't feel comfortable I say don't do it. Getting shocked in a building still sucks.
Stay Low, Stay Safe.
We always try to shut the main breaker off in the electric panel. Our electric company wouldn't like us not to remove the meter. They will come out and give a class, but they do advise not to pull the meter. I agree with some of the other post " Leave pulling the meter to the electric man". I for one would not like 240 volts making it way thought my body and going to ground.. OUCH !!!
We do the safest thing....wait for the electric company. I have seen video of firefighter mishaps of pulling the meter. Years ago we used to do that without incident but why gamble.
My grandfather retired as the general manager of our local electrical utility company. He started out as a gopher and worked his way up doing just about every job they had. He said that the only thing that scared him more than working on energized high voltage lines was pulling a residential meter. He couldn't stress enough to me, a firefighter, that you are literally putting a bomb with a lit fuse in your hands when you pulled a residential meter that was still energized.

Cut the main breaker and wait for the utility company to cut the power.

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