I just wanted to get an idea of what people are carrying in their bunker gear pockets.  When I first was hired, they issued us a spanner wrench, and a pocket mask for CPR.  Recently at work, I asked one of the newer fire fighters what he carries and he had 20 lbs of stuff including an all purpose hatchet looking device, rope, door wedge and a weather proof flashlight.

So I started searching on the internet looking for some accessories for my bunker gear to update.  In addition to finding some really cool ideas, I stumbled across this Firefighter knife that seems like an unbelievable deal and it has some cool firefighter graphics on it too:

Here is a link to the knife I am planning to purchase for my bunker gear pocket.

So outside of a cool 2 dollar knife, what else are you carrying in your pockets?

Look forward to reading your replies.

Stay safe!

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Everyone is different on what they do and dont carry. Me personnally I only carry a seatbelt cutter, a flashlight, a hose strap, some medical gloves, some overhall gloves and some D-Rings. Not all of that is in the pockets though. I have a wedge but have it for my helmet. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with and how bulky you do or dont want to be..
Try this link. http://www.firefighternation.com/xn/detail/889755:Topic:3883843
or go to forums and type in the search window, what tools do you carry in your bunker pockets. This has been beat to heck many times before.

Streamlight LED handlight
chest pocket, nomex on top of safety glasses
hand pocket, glass punch and seatbelt cutter
inside jacket, one pair safety glasses

left pants pocket, extrication gloves on top of safety vest and extra medical gloves
right pants pocket, 2 pair fire gloves
I see that, but no harm in revisiting the topic every once in awhile.
Your right
No matter what you carry you will always be missing something you need but in my

Left Pocket Extrication Gloves and wedges
Right Pocket 20' webbing and biner
Radio Pocket Radio
Flash Light attached on outside of my coat

Left Pocket I have tool bag made to fit in bunker pocket not to bulky and has a D Handle for easy removal. In the bag I have a pair of cable cutters, small pair of vice grips for stubborn storm doors (just clamp it on the hydraulic tube to keep it from closing) a 10 in 1 screw driver, a spanner gas shut off and glass punch combo it is very light, and a voltage meter to check for hot wires. Suprisingly not to bulky or heavy like I was afraid it might be.
Right Pocket bail out line

Nomex kept inside my helmet and small flashlight on helmet as well very small and doesn't stick out from my helmet it is low profile. I hate tools sticking out everywhere

Truckmans Belt
If we have something really bad or I am on the roof I carry my tools on my belt and I have a bail out line set up on my belt as well. I always make sure my belts are rated for rescue.

I know that sounds like a lot but if you buy the right equip. and set it up correctly it works great without being bulky
In order to revisit the topic, you could just reply to the old one and it will come to the forefront again.

If you are going to be buying a knife for your gear, stay away from $2 knives. They are crap and will not do what you want it to do. Spend some money and take care of your purchase. There are a lot of good knives out there that do not cost an arm and a leg.
small plastic door wedges, 2 pairs safety glasses, seatbelt cutter, wire cutter, cowhide leather extrication gloves in the pockets

on the helmet a 4AA pelican LED light with hard mount

thinking about getting a second helmet light, bailout line, truckman belt, "last chance" rescue filter, and a couple other things....all pending my bills being paid up
Ray, I have that knife it is cheaply made. I would something else if i was you. it breaks ez
webbing 12'
seatbeat cutter
window punch
my own personal, safety glasses
pocket CPR mask
shield cleaner
I agree with John Rulli jr. I realise it's only $2, but save your money. It even looks cheap. Get a decent knife that will suit your purpose. Just because it has a fire logo on it doesn't mean it's firefighter tested and approved.
I have a toolbox in my trunk with divided compartments for scene specific tools.( medical, mva/extication, single story, multi story fires, etc., but my helmet light and pocket knife are always there.
Some would say that I carry too much junk with me, but it is not junk at all. It is all stuff that I have used more times than not.
Helmet - 2 door chocks and a Garrity flashlight all in a rubber helmet band that was cut from an inner tube

Left coat - left structural glove, 1 door chock, 6 in 1 screwdriver

Right coat - right structural glove, smoothbore tip, grip pliers

inside coat pocket, note pad, 3 prong electrical adapter, medical gloves

Left pants - 10 ft webbing w/ handles sewn in both ends, left work glove, 2 folding spanner wrenches

Right pants - 20 ft webbing tied in a water knot, right work glove, 1 door chock

radio pocket on coat - folding pocket knife, heavy wire cutters

flash light loop on coat - pull station key, right angle flashlight on small carabiner

radio strap - radio with mic

truck belt - rope bag w/ 30 ft of 8 mm life safety rope w/ a steel carabiner on the end, a heavy carabiner, and a ring to carry forcible entry tools

I also throw a box light with a strap on my shoulder and during this time of the year, I have a small bag that I throw on the apparatus that has a dry nomex hood, dry structural gloves, a knit winter hat, a dry towel, a dry pair of sox

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