What are ya'lls opinions on people wearing a FF or EMT badge out and about, casually?

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Why would they it should be on a uniform or in a wallet what would be the need to show it off.
Anyone who wears a badge and isn't in their class A's or on official department business is a wacker.
Why would they do this??? Shirts yeah, I wear my GFD shirts a lot but only because we do med runs and its easier to explain when your coming in the door of a stranger's house.
There are a couple of guys on my dept. that feel the need to wear their badge on their belt everywhere they go. Everybody else just kinda makes fun of em for it. There is really no reason to be wearing it unless your wearing your uniform.
Right ON!!!!!!!!!
I can see carring one in a wallet or purse "depending on which you prefer" with you fire department ID.

I also can uderstand wearing FD t-shirts but no badge hooked to it that in my opinion would look stupid.
If one follows the letter of the law in Texas, A person displaying a badge and not on official department business, may in fact be in violation of Texas Penal Code Section 37.11IMPERSONATING PUBLIC SERVANT, which is a third degree felony, punishable with 2 - 10 years and up to a $10,000 fine, or both.

We do not allow our members to wear a badge on anything other than a Class A uniform and on official department business.
The badge should only be on the uniform or in a wallet.
Thats just not a good idea. On your uniform or in your wallet.
If someone is wearing their fire department or EMT badge, as if they were detectives for example, possibly wearing badge on their belt, clipped around their neck on a leash or any other number of ways means only one thing... these folks watch too much tv, are crying out for attention, notoriety and think of themselves as being more than they are which means to me... that they have some serious issues going on. I can't see how this furthers the publics perspective... as if it's not hard enough for all of us trying to maintain some degree of respect or professionalism. Having bubba wearing a badge, conducting themselves in a "look at me" kind of way is just downright scary. And you still allow these things to occur, and they still have a job?

One would think that your department's officers would not tolerate this type of behavior from their personnel. Does your fire chief condone this? Don't you have SOP's that dictate when a badge may be worn / displayed? And how about your district attorney or law enforcement folks. I'm sure that they would not be pleased to know that someone is badge flashing...

Bottom line, someone needs to knock off this innappropriate behavior and get a life or a new job...

Whoops... sorry for sounding so opinionated on this issue but someone needs to reel these clowns in... good luck.
Thats the best reply I have seen so far including my own way to tell it like it is and keep the opinions coming!
We do not allow our members to wear thier badges on anything but a uniform shirt. We had a former chief that wanted officers to wear thier badges on thier belts when responding to calls but that was shot down since our badges cost so much it wasnt worth the risk of l being lost or damaged. Nobody really showed any intrest in wearing them on thier belts either.

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