Auto Registrations and College Credits for firefighters and their family

Do You think the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should make legislation wrote up in order that all firefighters get free auto registrations and get either a discount or free insurance for the vehicles owned by the firefighters and do you think the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should draw up legislation so that all firefighters and their children get a free college education in order to better the future generations of PA residents. Hughie 57 House

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Sure why not.
Should-no. Why stop at FF. You'd have to add cops to that formula. How about military then. Don't get me wrong. I would be all for it. but in the real world it just isn't going to happen.

In CA, a public safety LODD would then qualify the children for free tuition for an in-state public. This also goes for veterans with service connected disabilities. I fall into that. But believe me, tuition is by far the lowest cost involved here. A son at SDSU gets free tuition but still has $600 in rent + food+gas+books+++++. A daughter at Sac State is in the same boat. Free tuition(about $4K) but has a car payment+$425 rent+food+books+++++. Another kid goes to a CC. That was worth I think $20/unit. Only a $240 savings per semester. It all adds up though.

Your also dealing with public (DMV,Ed) and private (insurance) sides. You could possibly get the state to waive fees, but to tell the insurance agencies to forgo millions of dollars, not going to happen.
well the insurance companies are going to demand to be paid...and thats where the tax bill is gonna come in...
Hi Jay, You know the Military and Police already get some of this stuff or part of it already!!!! So whats the holdup with the Firefighters??? I am tired of everyone sticking up for everybody but the Firefighters that risk their lives every single day of their lives. Have an Awesome Day!! Hughie 57 House
Brothers,Excuses Excuses Excuses So I guess you are gonna tell me its fine for these bozo's to be blowing billions of taxpayer dollars from the bailout that our kind Congressmen gave them for the third time and for the third time they were caught red handed blowing the cash and now finally FoxNews has reported that the American Congressmen finally in their hearts feel it is time to go after these crooks but the sad part is you now have crooks going after crooks which is tough trying to figure out whos worse in this chase!!!!! Instead of looking out for the best for all Americans and Firefighters Volunteer and Paid and Paramedics and Police and 911 dispatchers and America overall like they were elected to do for us taxpayers!!!! I guess its all right for all these places getting bailed out but yet they can't take care of the Volunteer Firefighters who have given so much of their lives day in and day out??? I think everyone in this country better a long hard look at what is Very Important to this Country a bunch of crooks spending our taxpayer bailout money or Money being paid to Volunteer Firefighters for risking their lives every day of their lives????? May I please have an Intelligent Answer to this question Please!!!!!!! I have thirty years in the Volunteer Fire Service in PA . Gee I wonder how much the Commonwealth would have saved for the thirty years of my life that I have given not knowing whether I was coming home or not after every alarm each day and each night????? Someone stickup for the FireFighters Please or do we have to wait till we bury another one for Making The Supreme Sacrifise Once Again Or Don't We Deserve To Be Paid While These Crooks Get all Of these Billions of Dollars for Bailout in America??? Hughie 57 House
I forgot to ad Sean the Insrance Companies are the Biggest Crooks its like my father always said its just a matter of time and they will hang themselves well I think the American People are really starting to get fed up with these crooks and the People that deserve it all along gets screwed royal so hopefully the Firefighters will raise up and let their voices be heard any maybe we can get some of those many billions of dollars from the bailout and throw these crooks in jail that everyone sticks up for while they are raping us and we are risking our lives day in and day out!!!!!
Jay I would like to Tank You for the Proud job you did for all of us Americans and Thank You for Our Freedoms and Our Liberties and I want you to know as a military man that served so bravely there should not be One Politician to ever stop you from getting your education and giving you the assistance that you deserve for serving our great country. I as an Proud American and American Firefighter and Parent I am so appauled that the American People don't stick up for the Americans that deserve it like yourself when is the True Americans Voice ever be heard in Washington DC????? But yet America can let radicals Like William Ayers and his Coherts become a Proffessor in Americas Finest Learning Instituions throughout this Great Country of Ours its these radical nuts that deserve to be thrown in jail and William Ayers should not be allowed to step on American Soil or teach in America's Finest Learning Institutions and they certainly should not be allowed to educate Our Children in this Great Country of Ours!!!! Americans better start taking care of their Great Country before its to late!!!
I would say no to the insurance and to the auto registration. I would like to see more of the education maybe as a on-line univercity that would help to keep the over head down and yet provide for the vol.and fulltime. I would also like to see any LDD be covered for the family by the the FED. The impact would be again minimal. The use of an online program could also go forth to help promote the ranks of the Volunteer Fire Service. There comes a point at which you have to see how to fund all of the mandates. There is no easy answer but the education might be something that again could be taken on as a national issue for a minimal cost and be used as a perk for membership.Then comes the part of what classes do you cover. Your never going to make every one happy but there is merit to a degree covered in fire science and emergency management. Some of the classes offered by the National Accademy are free its just a commitment of time. They used to cover transportation. I think by going to a online class we would also get a national standard as to a level of training across the country. Thats what NIMS training was all about. I see you views are local in nature but I think there could be a national low cost way to get the mandate made. I have to currently pay 14,000 to send my son to a grade school as its not covered by the state to meet his needs for special education. Best of luck and keep up the good fight.
Hi Paul, Thanks for your response. Think about the billions of dollars they are even up over a couple trillion dollars hell for that much money we could use only 500 Billion and get the registrations and and insurance and college education online or at the college your choice and forgive my ignorance but I am not sure what state you are from but the Commonwealth of PA Public Schools all ready have the classes for special education for the children you should check and make sure your public school system doesn't all ready offer it?? A Child is our future and no child whether they be disabled in education or whether you be brilliant we as Americans should demand the Highest of Excellence and Our Children should always be ranked No.1 in the World especially the way they the Federal Government throws the taxpayer money around!!!! Its Just the taxpayers haven't demanded our taxpayer money to be used in the wisest way when it comes to our childrens education... I would like to see LDD be covered for the family by the FED!!! The way we waste money we could have the best of everything in this country. They print money like it is going out of style. The most important thing is to keep the money out of the hands of the corupt polititicians in this country whether you are democrat or republican or independent.I wish you the very best and remember this isn't just for me Brother but yourself and your family and all our brothers and all Americans so we need to be involved and stop being silent.
Schooling would be an impressive thing. I would be 1000% up for that, but as crooked as insurance agency's are they are gonna demand money. Now I don't exactly agree with the bail out. Its there own fault that they screwed up and im against socialism, but i just don't see having our stuff handed to us, yea our job is dangerous but i do it for the fun of it. Now i don't have a wife or kids so thats probably why i don't see it that way. It may seem i am in a defensive tone but im not, just to clear that up. But that is my feel about the situation. This being in Pennsylvania, i probably shouldn't have a say, being I'm from Missouri. Free Education would be nice, but free Auto registration and insurance, i dont think so, UNLESS we were going to a call, then that would relieve money problems on the departments, which would be nice for us smaller departments that don't have much to operate on, let alone have us get paid.
Hum ... where to start ... you propose legislation such that all firefighters and their children residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania get a free college education, the firefighters get fee auto registration, as well as discounted automobile insurance. It just so happens that you live in PA and you feel as if you are entitled to these incentives because of your years of service. Then you proceed to go off on some anti government tangent in which you try to justify why you should have these benefits. Additionally I highly doubt you are in a IDLH situation in which you risk your life everyday.

Essentially what happens with programs such as these is that you end up with a lot of warm bodies that are just around for the benefits.

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