This is towards the volunteer sector. How much is to much. What should we expect from our volunteers? Is it to much to ask to make trainings, to make general meetings, to be expected to clean bathrooms and mop floors? It seems like everyone wants to show up and "play" but nobody wants to put in the time. I understand there are family commitments, work commitments etc. So where does your department draw the line, what does your department expect from its members. This may have been discussed before, and if it has please direct me to the forum. or if this should be posted somewhere else. Thanks.

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Officers are voted on and serve 2 years... its my opinion they should be appointed. The biggest problem as I see it is that the department is only 6 years old and most everyone started at the same time and think that it is a democracy and they should have a say in every little decision. Most have never ventured to far and don't expect the "big city" stuff to happen here.
I understand what your saying about making training fun and interesting, and I put lots of time into training, I mean lots! and then you have 2 or 3 people show up and its discouraging, but I shall overcome!
Thanks for your input.
we have the same problem. we have six stations all volunteers. we have three chiefs. the sop's stats members must make at less 40% of calls,training,station duties. do they all make it no. we really can't kick every one off if they can't make there 40% every month. our training is we have to have 40-80 hours each year. the hours are base on how much you know if you are a rookie. everyone at each station has station duties each week they have to do and make calls. as long as there trying we don't say any thing. we do write people up if they stop doing there station duties. we have a year end report each person gets telling them how they are doing. we even tell them what we would like to see them inprove on.

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