Dear Comrads,

at the time I visit the Year 13 of the Silverberg Grammar
School in Bedburg. After that I strive for a degree in Rescue Engineering in

A 12-week internship is one of the conditions for this
course. So I would like to apply for an internship in an American Fire Departement.

Since I already active for many years in the volunteer
fire department Kirchherten - since 2001 in the youth fire brigade and since
2008 with the firefighters - I can show a good basic knowledge in fire fighting
and operational experience. Being a firefighter was in all the years not just a
hobby, but became a passion for me. Therefore, I am applying for an internship
with an American Fire Department. I am
interested in fire department, and the live of firefighters
in large American cities. I hope to get through this internship with a
comprehensive insight into the life of firefighters.
It is a dream of mine being an American Firefighter, so I will be very happy getting an intership as a firefighter, standing side by side to the brave American firefighters, the heroes who are the best and the most respected in the world. I have already made an intership at an German Fire Departement.

About an answer I would be happy and remain

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I've never written on this forum (I'm not a firefighter yet so I'm here only to read and learn) but I recently had a similar question and this is one I can help out with.

I am an intern in a fire department right now. Like you, it is part of my school. I work 40 hours a week and the department does not pay me for it. It is a great opportunity to learn, meet people, and show how hard you can work. It helps the department get the little things done that they don't have the staffing to be able to do. I don't fight fires: I have not been through the department academy and won't be unless I am hired as a firefighter. I do lots of administrative work, public outreach and education, and get to go on calls as a ride along, where I can help clean up and do basic medical work (I'm an EMT) but mostly try to stay out of the way.

I love what I do and I think it's going to help me a lot down the road as a firefighter (especially in getting hired). I really encourage you to pursue an internship like this, but understand that you probably will not get to fight fires as an intern. It can be hard to find a department with an internship position, but it's not impossible. Look for a department with strong community outreach and public education.

Good luck,

Kerry the intern
Some us fire departments have internships on the city level but they are hard to get. I do have some that may like the Worcester (pronounced wooster) Massachusetts fire department may have some internships available. Also i think the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety May have a list I'm not sure. Also Prince Georges County Maryland may have one because they do ride-along and get a lot of work.
Be Safe,
thank you bro.
Take care, be safe too,

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