Does anything know any good firefighting quotes?

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I volunteer because I would rather do this job for free than not at all.


If they send me to hell, I"ll put that out to!
"You can always add more hose, but our ladders are as tall as they're gonna get..."
"OK, I can't force you to go to the hospital...Everyone has the right to make a bad decision..."
real heros dont wear capes, they wear bunker gear.
if firefighting was easy, cops would do it.
(on some t-shirts i seen)
Eyes open ears open head on a swivel.... And keep you god damn mouth shut.

Denver Lt in my academy.

BG= Be great

H&H = almost only counts in horse shoes and hang grenades
"Let no mans ghost say his training let him down"-
We put the red stuff on the wet stuff

Stay in the black you will always come back

If you see me running ...try and catch up! ( Have seen this shirt from a guy that works in the bomb squad also)

Find them hot ... leave 'em wet.

If its wet we've been there...... (have heard this from afew guys that came back from structure fires)

When someone asks if you smoke cigarettes reply " I dont smoke soft stuff... I smoke Wildfires"

Volunteer firefighters.... the bushfire specialists (has since changed to wildfire specialists)

Get down low and GO GO GO

Firefighters put out what stupid people start

Install something noisy and live - Install something noisy to sleep at night (billboard qoutes I saw promoting installing working smoke alarms)

You may not be the brightest spark... but we can put it out!

We enter Hell everyday..... but we always come home
You never know whats going to happen when you roll out that door.
I have this list above my desk...its titled..."Timeless Truths" From Chief Brunacini (Phoenix Fire Chief)...a couple of my favorites...."No matter how much you like to fight fire, someday you will get a fire you really wish you didn't have."....."Bosses should not try to fool the workers:Trying to slip something past a Firefighter is like trying to slip sunrise past a rooster."....."A confused fireground cannot be corrected by a confused IC."......"If you let a fire live, it may not return the favor."...and last but not least....."Poorly managed hazmat suits:Body bags with a window." Thats it from me...just thought I would share....Stay safe...keep the faith........Paul

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