N.Y. Vol. FF. charge in the death of 4 family members im sorry but this PMO about how could someone just set a fire so he can be the first one there and try to be a hero from news reports that what this 20 yearold I just need some thoughts on this

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This is very disheartening. It disgusts me to hear that a fellow brother would do a thing like that for his own benefit. Hope he gets nailed to the wall!!
I agree with Deanna. hurtful and i hope that he gets what he deserves because Karma is a B**ch.
this is sad, but it is also the truth.. it is out there and it happens everyday..most ppl that set fires are firemen and it is sad..
He gets to live with what he did, for the rest of his life... what a loser and what a tragedy for the family, friends and co-workers. It's too bad that this guy wasn't identified earlier as being a loon.
I think it is part of the "hero syndrome" some people get when they are priveleged to wear the suit and be called a fire fighter. We need to get away from the hero stigma (not saying we do not have genuine heroes) and move more to "this is a job" albeit very important.

The T-shirts, the mottos, speed, not buckling up, and the fool's pride promote the attitude. Everyone wants to make a truck, get to the call FAST, be first through the door, and put the fire out/pull someone out.

Our work, volunteer or career, is usually someone else's tragedy. Life safety, property conservation, and incident stabilization have no mention of ego. It is, after all, the taxpayer we serve. Our thoughts should be focused on that. Not self, but doing our level best for the taxpayer.

And now I will place the soap box back in the closet. Be safe brothers and sisters.
Deanna, someone who does something like this is no brother of mine. We have to start teaching the younger members what a real Firefighter is. We have to re-educate them on Pride, Professionalism, Honor, Respect, Integrity and how to have these qualities even outside of the Firehouse. We do not get a badge of honor for running into a burning building, we run into that burning building BECAUSE of our honor. We protect life and property by first learning how to RESPECT life and property. Once again, he is no brother of mine.
I was told a FF is one who prevents or puts out fires not sets them. Not sure what a person is thinking doing something like this. Hope he gets what he has coming and then some.
I guess it adds to the proof that stupidity continues to breed. People like this should be sterilized. Should be a law against stupid people. SAD!!!
Couldn't have said it better myself.
It's not a black eye for anyone except for the criminal perpetrator.
Nicely written Mike.
I guess you younger kids better start over !! Backgroung check , drug testing , all the same crap US OLDER GUYS went thru and get you shit together ! GO back to the Acadamy or wher ever you got your training from and look real hard at the book and your INSTRUTOR . This kind of crap make me so dam mad I just want to kick some butt . In my book HEROS die everyday .If you want to be a HERO join the Military and get shot ! then come back as a hero . I guess FISHKILL LOOKS good !! or SING SING !! which one do you like !! oh ATTICA is not what you want either . good luck jurk !

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