What do yall think about having american flags and/or state flags flying from the back of fire trucks? I would like to have them on the back of our engines but i gotta have officers approval for it.

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YES!!! This is our county, show our support, fly that flag!!!

Just so you know we have FF's from all over the world on this site, not just here in the U.S.
I think a flag in any form looks nice on an engine or any other apparatus. Show your patriotism.
I don't see one thing wrong with it....BUT, Do it properly, tastefully,and respectfully....or don't do it at all.....
I like the idea. Of course, some of the issues with flying the flag is that if the wind catches it on a regular basis, you'll be replacing the flag quite often.
I totally love it....Shows support for our country
Fly it, but do with respect!
If (for example) you don't think the muslim center should be built near the WTC, then you should leave the flag off, since you really don't understand what being american is all about.
My department does not use American flags. We have 3 members that are Mennonites and they do not fly American flags because it is seen as putting something before the Lord. Our class A uniforms are like most, but we do not have flags on them. I like the looks of flags on apparatus, but the dedication we get out of those men is worth a lot more to us during an incident. So I will get on the bandwagon here and say that it has to be done respectfully. Just keep in mind that the respect might not be just about how the flag flies, but also about the beliefs of your members / future members.
Yes. The flag should be on every appartus in the USA. The flag must be flown in accordance with the US Flag Code. Remember to put it in a spot that will not hamper operations, but is still in the proper place. Remember to check it occassionally for cleanliness and wear. My .02 worth- Fly it High and Proud !
I understood, just making sure he understands FF's from all over the world are on here. If a Canadian wants to fly a Canadian flag on their rig, why couldn't they chime in here?
Don't Americans have patches (American Flag) on their bunker gear on the left side? If they do, yeah, why not on the rigs too?

Not everywhere. I even know of some class "A" uniforms without a flag, such things are dept specific.
John you're right.
I would NOT want to see an American flag (or any other for that matter) on our rigs. BUT, putting a Canadian flag on our trucks, is something I like. I love seeing the US rigs with their/your flag flapping off a rig. NOTHING wrong with it.. presuming of course it does not interfere with equipment, distract the driver bla bla bob loblaw. lol
Fly it proud... I have always said.. if Canadians could be even HALF as patriotic as the Americans are, we would be better off.. but we are just a bit different that way. Not that we are any less proud...we just don't show it as much.. I think we could do better.. my opinions only here though.

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