Courtesy STATter911.com/WUSA-TV

Watch at about 28 seconds in on the right side of the video. It happens fast ... you may need to rewind or enlarge.

A neighbor rolled video while a house burned nearby. As the Wausau Fire Department started to put its initial line into service, firefighters were drawn to Side D of the home. There, 20-year-old Houa Thao was coming out of a second-floor window. Firefighters gathered underneath him and caught the man. He was uninjured.

The man's three teenage sisters escaped before the arrival of firefighters.

Indications are the fire started around 1:00 PM in the kitchen of the home.

This is the second fire for the family in eight-years.

Click here for the full story at the Wausau Daily Herald.

Watch the video without the music from the YouTube version:

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Jake, can you think of one reason why on a working fire a FF is on the fire ground without a helmet. To me this seems to be a very big safety violation.
Amazing video. Glad to see civilian came out of it uninjured.
The guy is very lucky to be alive, and those firefighters are lucky they didnt get hurt catching him.

But where the hell are the handlines? There had to be 10-15 firemen in this video and no water flowing??
Lucky no one got hurt.
i agree grat catch but they could have waited to get ladder there...they got lucky had they not caught him there would be law suits out the ass...but none the less great catch
Excellent catch guys! My hat's are off to you all.

I'm not going to gripe about anything because I know we're all humans and we all make mistakes. There is NO perfect department out there like I constantly here about, but I will learn from this for the next call I run. Constant Education Is Key.
nice catch
Once again we prove it is easier to be critical than correct. The Captain looks like he is conducting a walk around to find the best entry point to get to the unburned part of the structure to push the fire out the front where it is already vented, when he alertly observes the life safety/rescue situation and determines to make a quick catch rescue to prevent fire injury to the occupant. To flow water into the front of the home would be a mistake and push the fire back into the home and onto any other occupants who may need rescue ( or even onto interior crews entering from the rear. The crew members without helmets on are not immediately involved in suppression opeartions and are in the foreground donning SCBA masks (could have come from a nearby station with insufficent response time to finishing donning before leaving the apparatus or could have come from am ambulance crew as some of our firefighters respond). I think these firefighters did a fantastic job.
Nice fire , Not a deadly jump , bla bla bla, BUT....who is in charge of the old " water supress fire " ?? Property loose increasing while the boys in yellow "save" lifes for the media.......
Water push fire ????????????? My GOD !! I was doing things wrong for 25 years !! Pushing fires with water ! Luckily those impermeable fires die before I can made more damage !!! Surely , if You wait enough there will be no need of watering at all !!!
WOW! Good job guys. That was awesome!
OK , if oil is burning dont push it away with water flow, agree , but, if wood is burning from the ground to the sky ( as usual ) and you let water drop like rain over the burning woods.......has it no more sense than "try to enter to try to flow inside out the fire" ( all this in teory ) while looking how the entire house reduce to ashes ??? I like to think about myself as an openminded person, but i cant stop thinking that certain excuses are only for politicians , not for FFrs. Excuse me please for my poor knowledge of English tongue !!! Take care.

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