I’ve been a Volunteer 1.5 yrs I just got my FF1. Some on my department think FF1 is a waste of time, But done the class I think the rest of the department should make time to do FF1 class It is worth the time, in VT it is 147hr long with a practical and written exam. They think if your ears get hot back up, Old school, back woods, do what works. My K4 Asst. Chief 2 yrs on the department (He was voted as K4) he has seen 1 "type 5 structure fire" and it was out before he got out of the truck.
If at a fire sene if it is just K4, me, and 2 others (Do I listen to him? I would not feel safe knowing he dose not have the experience to command a fire sene.)
Do I listen to his command?

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Anyone who tells you that taking a class is a waste of time is a moron and should be treated as such.....The fire service is an ever changin proffesion (it is a proffesion volunteer or career) and the only way to do it right is to constantly educate yourself and pass your knowledge along to those who may not know it.

That being said these less than educated individuals are in charge (doesn't it always seem to go that way) so you have to listen to them unless the order is unsafe, illegal, or imoral.

Good luck brother and keep fighting the good fight.
you can never have enguhf training anyong who thinks they know to much is just waiting to get hurt or cuse someone else to get hurt .....i have 240hr ohio version of ff2 and i dont think it was a wast of time and i am a volunteer
I agree you have to follow orders unless it puts you and your crew at risk, and get all the training you can.
Experienced or not, he's got the white helmet you have to listen to him on the fireground.
We are volunteers yes you are expected to listen to command but you also are taught to think for yourself ..your own safety FIRST if you are dead you aren't putting out any fires you might want to tell your dept. that now an then
ask yourself a question.."would i enter that situation on my own"..if you have to ask or answer "NO"..then your chief can not force you..we have an obligation to save life and property but at what cost?..we risk our lives answering the call, doing the job and going home we don't need to add fire fighters running into a structure that is about collapse cause we think you are fast enough or don't better from experience..I would do anything to save victim or brother down..we all say it..but at the same time we all say it with the intention of going back home to our families..i doubt any of us has a death wish though e seem to doing what we do...Think..Act..REACT..should know that and I think you do its your chief and the lack of requiremets it seems like..Good Luck and keep your head screwed on Brother

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